Sitting pretty

It’s been a while since Grimly has played with this girl in  the ‘chair’ but a couple of weeks back he decided to rig it up and give her a ride! She’d also got new ballet shoes and also a new latex hood with smoky face to try out so why not combine a few bits and pieces?

The chair is often referred to as a dentist -chair however really its not, Grimly has researched it and apparently the design was originally used for day surgery. Grimly however uses it for brainwashing, torture and elaborate sadistic genius. Not, probably what was originally intended but fun all the same!

For readers who haven’t read about it on older posts, the chair  has built in restraints, built in electrodes to allow remote connection to the ET312 electrical box, built in air supply and vacuum. Oh and a fuck machine 😉

Grimly has built different masks that can be used in combination with the chair including one specifically for brainwashing (with flashing led lights), one that allows the wearer to see themselves through video, and others that are just blacked out. Though its an evolving process. At the moment a friend of this girl and Grimly is working on hardware that enables the video in the video mask to do different special effects such as pixelating , time delay and different colour effects but more on that later – its still currently in R&D!

This time however, Grimly’s concentration was on the vacuum rigged up to her breast cups, and then he used vaginal electrodes to add further stimulation and also combined that with breath play and a blindfold to ensure this girl’s mind was just focussed on what he wanted it to be focussed on.

Whilst there are of course a limited number of configurations that are possible with the chair its usual that each time will still be slightly different since it depends on what equipment is used, what mood this girl is in, what she might be wearing (or not), how long it goes on for, the intensity, all sorts of variables that lead to different effects.

On this occasion particularly this girl felt very different at the end of the session to what she did at the start. Initially the vacuum on the breasts was very painful and it felt as though they were being sucked off but gradually as she became almost hypnotised with her own rhythmic and controlled breathing through the mask the suction felt more pleasurable, well you know, pleasurable pain rather than painful pain and she didn’t want it to stop! Its funny how when other things are added that things which hurt become more manageable and even desirable.

Obviously other things Grimly was doing to her also added to the experience so perhaps its not that unusual;)

13 thoughts on “Sitting pretty

  1. Oooohhhhhh…. Nice shoes :-). I know, i know, of all the things going on in the picture, the first thing i notice are your shoes (sob…. Im such a deviant lol).

  2. Are you actually able to *stand* (much less walk) in those shoes? I tried those kind only once and was happy to have something to hold onto, otherwise I think I’d have broken my toes…
    That chair is a scary work of art. And still a WIP? My, my. On the one hand, it makes me curious – then again, it scares the crap out of me. But maybe that’s just the mask aspect of things. Never been good with those.
    – Dime

  3. i’m not surprised Kenny, i don’t like these shoes though they’re actually too big 😦

    stevie, no bit obvious lol

    evil dime, some ballet boots i have i can, these shoes i can’t mainly because they’re not a good fit and probably a size too big. Though they were cheap and turned out to be too good to be true…but still okay for photos i think.. Everything is a work in progress you know 😉 Well, especially me LOL

    I used to find masks scary too, still do sometimes but then i think its a trust issue if i’m comfortable in the situation then it doesn’t bother me and adds to the experience rather than spoiling it

  4. Fantastic! You look HOT as always.. and the innovations Grimly keeps adding just boggle my mind! Sounds like you had a great ride..

  5. Your new ballet boots are very pretty despite being too big.
    The chair looks like an incredibly intense experience. How long do your sessions in the chair normally last?

  6. vinny, they boggle mine too

    K, they are ok for photos but really they are too big if you look close i think i may sell them on. Reminds me though I have some new red ballet boots that i’ve not even worn yet!

    Chair sessions can last usually between about 1 and 3 hours approx though it doesn’t feel like that it always feels not long enough!

  7. Unworn ballet boots. That’s sacrilege!
    I don’t think I can imagine what three hours of such torment would be like. You’re very lucky.

  8. “Its funny how when other things are added that things which hurt become more manageable and even desirable.”

    So true what you say above and it’s the Dom/me’s key job to figure out what those combinations are for each sub……..looks like Grimley has put together some nice menus for you!:)

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