Get used to it!

There are a few pieces of bondage equipment that this girl loves to hate. Usually they are things that have varying degrees of discomfort and pain but that become very sexual once that discomfort is distracted from with other tortures and the occasional pleasure πŸ™‚

One such piece of equipment is the neck corset. Β The one shown in the picture below is not by fair the most severe Grimly owns – a latex one that he has being a lot more evil (see recent picture with trinity pup) but it still forces this girl to keep her chin up! It can be used with or without the gag panel.

Grimly always seems to really enjoy putting neck corsets on this girl, probably because he knows she doesn’t like them and that sort of appeals to his sadistic side. For this girl there is an impending sense of doom as he tightens the laces and straps – Grimly never leaves anything slack or loose- is he worried she might think about escaping?? There is usually no way that she could escape from the bondage he puts her in its just a matter of getting used to it till he’s finished playing with her. Many people ask that question ‘well how long were you in that for?’ now depending on what the piece of equipment this girl’s answer is going to be too long/not long enough or as long as he wanted ! πŸ˜‰

To be honest though intricate and severe bondage *is* a thrill for this girl too, part of the fun is getting into it building up the levels of restriction and control. Lately she’s enjoyed that as much as a top really as a bottom. Sometimes it helps seeing things from the other side and watching someone else’s anticipation as things built up and the adrenaline starts racing through their body. The long game can often be much more fun!

Another piece of equipment this girl has a love-hate relationship with is the chastity belt. This is something this girl does NOT want to be part of a long game by any means! To date, the longest she has worn a chastity belt for is either overnight or for a day perhaps under clothing whilst going out (sometimes combined with plugs too dependant on how evil he is) but she’s never done it for more than say about eight hours at most.

Now the thing about this chastity belt Grimly has made is that its not just a chastity belt, its also a remote controlled shocker. The shocker is one found on those electric dog collars but when its sat above the clit its quite nippy! There’s also a remote control vibrator built in as well so he has three buttons he can press one for warning (just a noise) one for pleasure and one for pain. It’s evil! As is he obviously.

This girl seriously hates it, however, being in chastity as anyone will know has the long term effect of increasing horniness through denial and control and bondage. So hate , is therefore sort of relative.

Now on this particular occasion Grimly decided to use insertable electrodes as well so there were electrics both for pain and for pleasure. He then fastened her up into the leather sleep sack and for good measure strapped her down as well.

Later on he added a blindfold so this girl spaced out quite happily in the bondage of the sleep sack, with the intensity of the ‘pleasant’ electrics combined with the occasional shock of the unpleasant electrode on the chastity belt it was hard to process everything and the things that were just mildly uncomfortable like the neck corset were completely forgotten.

Funny how your attention can be distracted just by someone pushing a few of your buttons!

12 thoughts on “Get used to it!

  1. These are beautiful things to have in your life and it is VERY SPECIAL that you choose and feel able to share them with other readers.

  2. This is the first time I’ve read your blog….apologies I should have done it sooner!

    I loved reading this!! The chastity belt sounds a LOT of fun! Chastity has always fascinated me!

    Hope to see you both soon! πŸ™‚

    Nikki xx

  3. Ive said it before and i’ll say it again but the neck corset just doesnt look that bad to me. πŸ™‚

  4. thanks Islv πŸ™‚

    js207, thanks i’m glad you think so πŸ™‚

    Nikki, i’m sure if you really want one you just need to ask a certain person if he can make it LOL

    kenny, it isn’t compared to some, but its uncomfortable enough!

    stevie, lol no they’re evil!

  5. To misquote and mangle the bard…”Methinks you doth protest too much”


  6. Why didn’t I find this blog before now? Your fault, of course………………
    Yes, I have a real love/hate relationship with my chastity belts. And for the same reasons as you. Ditto the bondage bag.
    Oh, life can be hellishly wonderful

  7. Love/hate relationships would be a good way to describe much of one’s feelings about a lot of bdsm ‘toys’!

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