In my neck of the woods

After this girl was let out of the gate, Grimly decided he was not quite finished with outdoor bondage for the day and chained her very tightly to a tree, with chains securing her chest waist and legs in addition to the straight jacket.

Even if there had been less bondage, with the straight jacket and hood she couldn’t’ get very far very safely. Not knowing the direction of other trees, the path, the cabin or the road. Sometimes just even a hood or a blindfold can give such vulnerability and helplessness without all the rest, but he wanted to be sure that she was staying exactly where he left her.

Grimly did leave her. Or felt like he did. For a long time. This bondage position might not like a particularly stressful predicament but try it and you will find it can be.

The chains were very tight and this girl found that unless she stayed very still they appeared to get tighter as whilst she moved against the tree a little they did not. Also, as she fidgeted to get comfortable the more she moved the softer the ground appeared to be and she had well, a sort of sinking feeling.

Combined with that it felt as though she was being slowly strangled. She didn’t realise till after she saw the photos that the chains were actually nowhere at all near her neck but the hood combined with the straight jacket were making the collar sort of uncomfortable and it was the collar she could feel. A reminder perhaps of his control and her lack of it at that particular moment.

As minutes ticked by the feeling that she was close to hanging herself with her own fidgeting intensified. She knew deep down that there was absolutely no chance at all of it happening . She knew that but she didn’t believe it for a little while. She thought about shouting and crying out but she didn’t know how far he was away whether he was a metre away or 50. Nor did she want to admit she was scared or that she doubted his ability to keep her safe, but for a little while she was scared. Now of course he was on hand, and of course she was fine and not actually at all in any danger (and never was) but for those minutes however many they were, perhaps thirty, she was on edge and had that freak out time. Now whilst she was scared of the worst possible scenario, she was incredibly turned on.

This girl never really had any fantasies of erotic asphyxia , at least she didn’t think she had. But maybe, there is a dark fantasy there somewhere. It’s not really something she wants to explore, but that afternoon gave her a few things to think about.  It’s weird how despite being in similar bondage being against the tree felt totally different to being against the gate.

5 thoughts on “In my neck of the woods

  1. “had that freak out time”… In a straightjacket….and hood… Sounds terrible. 🙂

  2. Kenny, it’s a confidence thing. Taking TG’s sight away opened the door to her using her other senses, not just hearing alone, but also feeling for Grimley, she goes into some depth about how she was hunting for him. We sometimes call it the sixth sense, and it may be something like an atrophied version of the electrical sense some fish use in hunting – humans retain some vestigial skills, such as the way the newborn know how to swim. In any case, it resides in the neck area and creates a sense of expanded space singers use, but it’s bigger than the neck itself.
    However, TG had a neck physically constrained by the hood and collar, and also possibly by the metal of the chain across her shoulders. That was smaller than the neckspace she was really using and she resolved the conflict by labeling the tighter space a threat, even though it was totally static. For starters, it labelled itself as such, bondage, collar: what TG needs to do is go deeper into her sub side to accept Grimley’s gift to her of the experience, at more than just an intellectual level. Subspace is more than a separation, the sub is fully integrated into their relationship by being, paradoxically enough, the master of their subordinacy. They are there because they choose to be there, it is their free gift which forms the other side of the relationship.

  3. Kenny, it wasn’t perhaps all that terrible 😉

    Tom, nice comment however i have to say the whole submission is a gift thing is not a concept i particularly relate to myself.

    For me it’s part given but part taken too sort of i don’t know somewhere in the middle. I need someone who can well, conquer me. Control me. Sort of um, less passive.

  4. Did the thought of being discovered by a stranger – whether well founded or not – add to the eroticism or fear?

  5. oh well my fault for not making it clear in this particular post – but its not ‘random woodland’ its a private designated kink woodland area, so i knew who all the other people that *could* be around were. So, that wasn’t really applicable in this case, however there have been times before when we’ve played al fresco at random places and yes it does add to the fear but on those occasions i’ve not usually been tied up *as much* in case running was required lol

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