Playing with fire

A few weeks ago this girl and Grimly went to the last Bridgewood event of the season and as part of that there was an end of year bonfire and some fireworks. ย This girl wanted to get some pictures in bondage near the bonfire but given the place is so out-of-the-way in the country the light fell very fast and it was just too dark. Though she did manage to play with Grimly before the bonfire was lit ๐Ÿ™‚

Given it was quite wet and squelchy this girl felt very glad to have her designer kurt geiger wellies on! She’d acquired those when everywhere pretty much in the whole of Glasgow was sold out of wellies because of snow and they were the only ones she could get in time for getting home without wet feet. They were much more fun to wear during bondage though than trudging in scottish snow!

Grimly put her in a leather straight jacket and strapped and chained her to the gate. The gate has been specially made to be sort of like a St Andrews cross but it’s designed to sit more naturally into its surroundings. The wood is very strong and it feels quite safe and gives quite a few different bondage options.

This girl felt very safe and secure strapped onto the bench but whilst it might look very cosy it really wasn’t! She had the torture of not knowing where he was combined with the fact that her legs were forced to be very straight and they gradually got achy with the stress bondage of that.

One good thing about autumn though is the amount of leaves on the ground make someone moving around a bit easier to detect than at other times of year and the noise of rustling leaves is one of this girl’s favourite sounds. She thought therefore it would be easy to work out where he was , how far, or how close by but she really couldn’t the breeze through the trees stopped that. He could have probably piled the kindling up right around her and she would not have noticed until she smelt burning rubber ๐Ÿ˜‰

However thankfully that didn’t happen by the time the bonfire was lit this girl was safely de-kinked and munching on her hot dog. It was a fantastic bonfire and so cosy just there being a small number of people around it ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier on this evening this girl went to an organised fire work and bonfire night event with Grimly. It was cold, it was muddy, but it was good fun. However being amongst thousands of people with probably a few hundred thousand pounds of fireworks was not half so nice as standing round a bonfire and setting off some fireworks with half a dozen good friends following a day of kink ๐Ÿ™‚

So this year whilst this girl will remember the bonfire and fireworks she saw on the 5th November* the ones she saw in October were much more memorable, perhaps not historically significant in the way that today is to others but significant to her and Grimly.

* For non-uk readers read here for the history bit.

3 thoughts on “Playing with fire

  1. I have to grin at the photos. I can just imagine my Dad (now nearly 70) walking his dog through the woods and finding you chained to the gate. I am sure he would have a good chuckle and probably he’d write to The Times or The Telegraph suggesting that all public woods should be similarly adorned.
    I agree with you totally about fireworks; those enormous displays leave me cold; Guy Fawkes night should be celebrated with friends, plenty of mulled wine, and a few quids worth of bangers.

  2. thanks t ๐Ÿ™‚

    jane, it might be a better use of outdoor space than swing parks frequented by junkies lol

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