Soap opera

Does anyone else sometimes feel life is a bit like a soap opera? With so much going on, not a minute free, one drama after another?

This girl certainly feels like that! Sometimes the things she gets up to are sexy and adventurous, other times they are a bit run of the mill but then that’s life. When Grimly gave up smoking (2 years + now) this girl also gave up watching soap operas since that was the deal she made and life had enough drama to bother about watching someone else’s. It was give up the soap operas or give up chocolate. Or shoes. Noooooo!

At that point the only soap she still watched was Eastenders but this girl hasn’t missed it once.  It was always ever so depressing! There are days of course in real life when it feels like one melodrama after another like for instance when this girl and Grimly came back from Paris they had pretty bad family news to deal with on both sides of the family, but then really instances of those kind of things are really few and far between and for the most part a little kink will soon again lift the spirits. It’s not a cure for everything, in fact far from it but sometimes it is great as escapism and just for dipping the toes into fantasy. There are also times when kink isn’t a fix but sometimes when its a problem that’s a storm in a teacup it can be the cure and it can help.

This girl for ages had ideas of playing around with latex in the bath. There are so many erotic images out there of latex clad ladies in wet rooms and the like so one day after really not feeling like much kink at all but feeling like, well, something, this girl got dressed up in latex before having a bubble bath 😉

This girl is quite lucky in that she doesn’t get too hot (or too cold either) in latex and that she can cope with it quite easily in most weather conditions. However getting it wet was a totally different story. It felt really good! Strange but really good! It was fun too to watch the suds and water running down. Wearing tights however in the bath is not really to be recommended it feels very  odd indeed!

This girl felt a bit spoilt though she’s waited a long time to have the bathroom just right with a nice spa bath and so to have the tonic of a nice bubble bath combined with latex and bondage was just a little hedonistic 😉 It is definitely to be recommended!

3 thoughts on “Soap opera

  1. You said “Does anyone else sometimes feel life is a bit like a soap opera? With so much going on, not a minute free, one drama after another?”. Yup that’s been me and Mistress through 2012. Dreadful year! And just occasionally we have managed to put it one side and enter a space outside time called Fetish. Lovely, just lovely. As it is for you and your man.

  2. stevie, if you’ve not worn lipstick in the bath you’re not a true girl lol

    Islv, i think its been one of those years i can’t wait for 2013 to start!

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