Skeletons in the cupboard?

Today and at the weekend (and really for as long as the stuff has been on sale) lots of people will be dressing up for Halloween. Not this girl, sadly she’s working late 😦 dressed up as a ‘normal person’.

Halloween though is a good excuse to get away with dressing up and acting like a kid without very much recrimination. It’s almost as though its expected to be silly today and extravagant.

Just some people just don’t want to save it for just one day. This girl is one of those.

When she first got into BDSM she never thought she’d be that bothered about dressing up, since most types of play are often easier wearing very little. However over the years dressing up has come to be very much part of it. She doesn’t have skeletons in her cupboard so much as a whole fetish wardrobe that takes up more space than her normal clothes. The work clothes are as much a costume as all the other stuff.

The first fetish piece of clothing this girl ever got was a velvet corset, bought for her by her ex for her first fetish club. She’d never worn a corset before so having that made her feel additionally sexy on a night when she was incredibly nervous. Sometimes clothing is as much a mask as something you wear on your face – it adds confidence, it changes the character a little and sometimes if it feels right can make a shy little girl feel a million dollars.

Sometimes this girl has bought outfits and not felt like that. Somethings maybe not been right, either perhaps its too revealing for her taste, or she feels as though every lump and bump shows and then she ends up feeling a bit uncomfortable. Well that’s just part of the curse of being female of not being comfortable with the body! People can say otherwise until they are blue in the face, but if this girl gets into her head she doesn’t look good she’ll believe her own mind over the words of how ever many other people might say otherwise.

For the most part though dressing up makes this girl feel more of an exhibitionist, more confident, more in the head space.

Latex especially feels sexy. The first item of latex this girl got was her red top and skirt (that’s in the pictures a few posts down) it’s really good quality and has lasted several years now. She bought it as a surprise for Grimly as he’d mentioned that he liked latex and so she sneaked off to a fetish shop on her lunch hour (which sadly has since closed) and tried it on and snuck it back to work in a nondescript carrier bag and hid it under her desk. She worried all afternoon that she smelt of latex having tried it on, but thankfully if anyone noticed they didn’t comment!

This girl is so lucky that not long after that she met her friend TLC who makes most of her latex including her catsuits, hoods and straight jackets. Having made to measure latex is fantastic since everything fits properly, tight, but not too tight, and absolutely no slack at all. Baggy latex – horrific!

Latex feels really like a second skin when it fits right and this girl is lucky in that she can wear it for quite a while without getting too hot, well apart from in San Francisco which was just a meltdown!

To be honest this girl feels a bit left out that she isn’t getting to dress up today but there is always the weekend 😉

8 thoughts on “Skeletons in the cupboard?

  1. No Halloween for us this year either. We are away from home on business, attending a formal dinner in the evening after a day-long conference. Sad, as I have never grown up and adore dressing up – damsel in distress?
    Latex; I used to find it kinda neutral UNTIL Le Maitre was put onto a man (like your TLC, I imagine) who tailors everything and always makes our clothes and accessories just that unpleasant bit too small. No more flapping baggy too thin stuff. Now even I get turned on when I peer into the latex end of my cupboard !


  2. The Germans pair Halloween with Fasching, the high point of Carnival, and that sometimes makes Folsom Street look like a church service, particularly in Munich

  3. While my prior relationships were with Dommes not that much into dressing up as they did not feel the need or desire for it, considering it kind of an artificial hype to their dominance, my recent relationship was with La Domme who REALLY was into dress up with all the black latex and leather, boots, corsets, etc. which was both interesting and stimulating to me in a new way. My conclusion is that it depends on the woman/Domme’s own desires and comfort as if she does not feel that is not her thing then it’s best for both parties to not even bother with it, but if she feels comfortable with dressing up and in fact get’s energized and transported into her Domme persona from it, as said recent Domme experienced, then it really is quite something to behold…….so conclusion is Domme dress-up is for and up to the Domme .

    Grimley and other male Doms must be glad they do not have to bother with such besides just throwing on the requisite black t-shirt and pants!

  4. I”m to the conclusion that I like both dressing up and undressing down lol. I usually like either being in kink gear or naked if i’m on the receiving end unless its a semi-public scene . When a switch i’m comfortable either way it really depends on the person i’m playing with and if i want to. Though i played with a couple for the first time the other day and felt I did need to dress up for that a little since guys I guess just are that bit more visual lol

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