Vote for me!

This girl has been nominated by some kind reader for the 2012 Bondage Awards for the best bondage blog. Thank you to whoever placed the nomination!

Please cast a vote by clicking on the banner and also take a look at some of the sites listed in the various categories, there are lots of interesting links!

You need to register to be able to vote 🙂 Thanks for your support!

Voting ends 30th November 2012.

15 thoughts on “Vote for me!

  1. Registered and voted for you.. and not just because we’re friends. I looked at a bunch of the other nominated sites, and yours was the only one that looks like it’s written from the heart.

    Rope is nice, bondage is fun, but if like Linus looking for the most sincere pumpkin patch, there’s something about fetish that’s SINCERE that makes it SO much hotter.

    I hope the judges feel the same way !


  2. I think she deserves to win because of the effort she puts into her writing, the insights she has, her obvious knowledge of the BDSM world and for being the wonderful person she is. I admit to being somewhat biased, however if everyone who reads and enjoys this blog spends a couple of minuets voting for her it would be a good way of showing your appreciation for all the hours she has put into it.

    Cheers Grimly

  3. thank you all for your support , and note, you can actually vote EVERY day.

    not that i’m bribing you or anything, but if i win i might have to blog more often 😉

  4. Not your campaign subbie :p but I did put a link up in my Fetlife profile 🙂 Only because I agree with Grimly

  5. Love your blog so I was delighted to vote for you. Just hope you win !

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