State of the art

Some regular readers may have noticed a chap called Kenny commenting here a few times. He decided he would like to do a painting based of one of the pictures Captive Kink took to see how it would look on canvas. Kenny being the perfectionist isn’t happy yet with the results but this girl is!

She can’t paint. At all. She was never really much good at it at school, though she could draw not too badly especially if it was okay for the drawing to be cartoon-like. Painting is a bit harder it requires a steady hand and the right match of imagination to talent. This girl did try to learn she went to a night school class years ago hosted by a reasonably well known Yorkshire artist (mainly because her Dad wanted to go) but she didn’t really learn too much since the talent of everyone else at the class was so much more superior. It was more people who were wanting to get the attention of the artist guy to their own work rather than people wanting to learn so much. Actually, the artist seemed a bit annoyed with that since he did seem to actually want to teach rather than be fawned over.  This girl was never going to be so good as to make a painting look as though it was a photograph even with millions of lessons.

Artists of all kinds are of course perfectionists, they want it to be the best they can do even if to everyone else its already exceptional. It makes this girl wonder how many brilliant artists are out there with doodles still in sketch books or in portfolios who just haven’t had the confidence to go out and say ‘look at what I did its good isn’t it.’ 😉

This girl cannot criticise that AT ALL. Art isn’t the only thing in life where people think ‘i can do better’. This girl has been put off a bit from writing here recently because despite having a few things to write about the words haven’t really flowed and she doesn’t like to write unless she has something that she thinks might be interesting to at least a few people to read and also the words in her head to describe it (in her opinion) well. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to want to flow into any sort of sense.  Sometimes it feels better to write nothing than to write something that doesn’t flow right when she reads it back.

Well essentially its the same with everything art, writing, whatever sometimes it needs to feel as though its good or it’s not as satisfying or rewarding.

This girl has felt like that a lot at work lately and that has probably been adding to her distractions. Without going into a lot of detail this girl has felt confident in her job for a lot of years and then they decide to update the computer system and also change the role around a bit and its like arrghhh what the hell is going on? Suddenly she goes from feeling like an expert to feeling like a neophyte. The system is totally state of the art though, and she’s getting used to it just really needing a bit of time to adjust.

Good job she will always have place hanging on some dungeon…or living room wall 😉

7 thoughts on “State of the art

  1. That being said im pretty happy with the way my final effort turned out.


  2. I just checked on it and i reckon (fingers crossed) that give it another week and it’ll be dry. The paint is still a bit tacky at the moment…

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