On the bench

This girl had almost forgotten to write about her last visit to Bridgewood, a wonderful private woodland BDSM venue down in England. She’s going there again next week for the last event of the 2012 season.

Bridgewood is a great venue for outdoor bdsm play, but this girl did not really feel like doing pony play or pet play again this time, since it was a bit wetter and well sometimes variety of play is good, that and there were some new people to talk to. Grimly bought a tent along too so this girl and Grimly slept under the stars and woke up to a fry up al fresco. Yum!

One of the nicest things about the event is that mostly its just like a D/s / BDSM retreat where people can sit in the cabin and talk about kink and eat cake or drink wine or whatever and just chill out. Sometimes that is a really good thing. BDSM can be very full on sometimes and sort of ‘sensory overload’ so sometimes to do it on a more chilled out basis is cool too πŸ™‚ That’s not to say that what will happen at the next event will be exactly the same, it might not, this girl and Grimly haven’t planned on what to do or what to take yet, but there is going to be an end of season bonfire and fireworks so this girl is looking forward to that at least a lot of what happens or not play wise will really depend on the lovely british weather.

At the last event though Grimly decided to abandon this girl and bugger off back to the party! Leaving her to the mercy of various bugs and beasties! There’s more details about the piece of apparatus this girl is strapped to here. Gutted actually to realise Grimly HAD the same hammock the frame of it came from but chucked it when he moved though realistically there wouldn’t be room for it here.

Being on the bench was a really good experience though. Grimly didn’t need to restrain this girl any more than to put her in the sleep sack and leave her there because the way she was on the bench she couldn’t get up and get out of the sack.. The bench was a slight torture in itself because of the arch it was quite sore on the back after a while, but she spaced out quite quickly though it was a bit disconcerting when her hearing got more sensitive and she could hear every little bug and creepy crawly! What was also weird was that when he zipped her into it there was still daylight, but when he came back it was pitch black and just a sky full of stars and bats!

6 thoughts on “On the bench

  1. How is it getting into the sleep sack? Is it easy to go into space? Where would I look into getting a good qualit one without spending to much? I love following your blog! You do a great job! Thanks!

  2. more than an hour is better Kenny πŸ™‚

    Andy, it’s quite easy no harder really than getting in a sleeping bag though it has built in sleeves to keep the arms in place and they can be a bit tricky if other bondage is going on as well. thanks for your lovely comments πŸ™‚

  3. Well an hour to start with and work up maybe.
    Just had a horrible thought, if left in it too long, fighting to keep your bladder from emptying and then losing, especially if positioned so it drained down towards your head. Yuk!

  4. Kenny, i’m sure one wouldn’t

    barbie, not a problem for me my bladder can go forever LOL

    though…perhaps not after alcohol!

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