Back in the swing of it

So today thisgirl and Grimly are off on holiday to Paris to celebrate one year of being married!

The last few weeks have been good fun since this girl and Grimly have entertained a few people but also managed to get some one on one play in together as well. The picture below shows the sit sling in use in the new playroom. Suspension combined with sensory deprivation is a really good way to relax its like being in a kinky flotation tank in a way that is until some bastard decides to be evil with electrics and clamps and hitty things. This girl can’t really complain too loudly about that though as she assisted Grimly in putting someone else in a very similar position recently.

Gradually thisgirl feels things will find their own flow again though she is finding she needs to itch her sadistic urges at the moment perhaps slightly more than her masochistic ones.

Going on holiday is a good thing too since its this girl and Grimly`s first and only foreign holiday this year so where better to spend a first anniversary than the city of romance combined with a few plans to meet friends old and new.

Last night this girl and Grimly crashed over with pup and sg so an absolutely fantastic way to start a few days away 🙂

4 thoughts on “Back in the swing of it

  1. Have a lovely break, both of you. Me, off to New England a week tomorrow. Hope to get to see you both at some point in the next few months

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