Opening Ceremony

This girl and Grimly had planned to possibly watch a bit of the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday, however they had a very good excuse for missing it!

Although the playroom was finished in advance of JG Leathers’ holiday here in May it had not really been used since just too many real life events had gotten in the way which is often the case when trying to lead a normal life alongside being part of a relationship with a kink aspect to it. Often work,family, friendships, household stuff can take precedence over getting tied up and often that is not a bad thing since everyone needs a well-balanced life to be happy though perhaps it makes this blog a little boring for you to read. ย Often this girl reads of other people who seem to live the D/s thing 24/7 all the time but do they really?

In any event this girl is happy with the lot that she has for the man who being kinky found her and for all the wonderful friends who have crossed her path as a result of being just that little bit different.

So two such friends arrived on the doorstep on Friday, bringing with them some latex and enthusiasm for bondage. This girl has mentioned her friends over at before – they are a fantastic couple and lovely company and live conveniently quite close by making an impromptu bit of fun possible.

The last time this girl and Grimly got together with John & JT this girl had been very much the one receiving the attention, but for a change it was John! He’d wanted to go in a hanging cage for a long time so it was decided to put that idea into action. Encased in rubber and strapped in the cage he had nowhere to escape to when this girl and JT decided to open the zips in his catsuit and be evil but unfortunately the story of all that needs to be a little censored and should perhaps just be left to your perverted imaginations ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was fantastic though for the playroom to finally get used after to having it tantalizingly locked away at the top of the attic ladders.

Unfortunately the action got too carried away to take really all that many pictures, but if you enjoy the type of pictures boundinlatex generally create then you should check out the last set they uploaded which is available for download to play on 3D enabled TV’s. It’s worth a look if you have the technology ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Opening Ceremony

  1. What an amazing playroom you guys have and thanks for showing us around it (although for a good part of the time I couldn’t really see it ;)) I really like the colour scheme, it doesn’t look like a medical ward, or a dentists, it doesn’t look like a 1980’s dungeon, it looks like a modern space-age playroom that wouldn’t be out of place in Star Trek. It was really hot in the catsuit, that one is my thickest and I now regret wearing one that not only because it was so thick but that it had zips you could open. We hope to see you both again soon!

  2. Good to read you got to use the new room and now I have photographic proof….you ARE an evil girl :-))

  3. jlatex, you are very welcome, and what you described is exactly what Grimly envisaged…so he’s quite pleased about that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    daedae, do you want to be saying these things when you’re seeing me in six weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. you made the right call, the Olympics was good, Danny Boyle quite zany, but too longwinded, family entertainment at midnight! we gave up at the letter D, your call was the right call, it looks wonderful. You are VERY LUCKY to have a playroom, both myself and Mistress would love a playroom, we have the toys in some number but then there are SO MANY other toys in our house.

  5. daedae is right, of course all dominants SHOULD be evil, but with the expertise to know how far they can go in their evil ways just as all subs should be sweet innocents, ideally virgins.

  6. We know the feeling. Being just moved for about 250 km (From close at Rotterdam to close at sneek) the is no time for kink at all. Amazing how much stuff there was in a small 3-room house to be moved. But that is not all, moving is one thing, finding a new place for anything a totaly other thing. Even now the garage is still full it seems. And even now, with the attic almost ready (is a playroom ever really ready?) there is no energy, a sudden heathwave (upto 35 degrees celsius) is eating away any energy. Just sitting in the shade doing nothing is too much, let alone beeing kinky.

    Yet the transfer from noisy buzzy Rijnmond (aerea around Rotterdam) to the endless vieuws over the fields here in the north of the Netherlands was absolutely worth it. Its now just waiting for themperatures that will make the attic reachable and usable. As i understood that will be at the end of next week, cant wait for it.

    By the way, we both lost a lot of weight (sweat) moving in the hottest period in years, so anybody with overweight, try moving in the summer. sucses guaranteed.


  7. Dutch-falcon, while I sympathise a bit just imagine how busy I am. In the next few years (hopefully not too long) I will be moving house too, mainly to further my kink and also because my siblings own 60% of the farm where I live. I have ten barns full of stuff as well as a four bedroom house to be moved, sold, given away or cleared out before hand. Most of it was my late parents and my aunt and two uncles’ things too. I have about ten tons of electronic equipment alone, most of which should be in a museum. Yet I am sitting here in self bondage in a French maid’s uniform doing chores and cooking and doing other things I would expect a female to be doing and hoping my Mistress will telephone or Skype me though I know it is unlikely. If you really want to you can always make time for kink, it just depends on your priorities. Its pretty hot here in the kitchen too with a small cottage pie and a large blackberry and apple pie in the oven and with the wig on my normally bald head making me sweat just sitting here.

    Anyway I hope you find some time for kink soon. I hope This Girl (or should it be THAT girl? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) does too. Maybe she can post an entry in early September, we are all missing her, and Grimy too. I imagine it is not quite so hot in the North, though not guaranteed.

    Now ‘officially’ my Mistress’ under maid, sissie barbie

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