The tail wagging the dog

Really at the moment it feels like things that at times would be small and insignificant are suddenly large massive issues that are sort of dominating and taking over life.

The bathroom works that Grimly and this girl  are trying to get done at the moment have all gone a bit pear-shaped as the bath was supposed to be delivered yesterday and a problem (well total incompetence) of the supplier has meant it wasn’t, and isn’t going to be since they’ve now decided to say it’s not available at all which they could have said at the end of June.   So back to square one with another supplier which fingers crossed will deliver at the beginning of next week.  The old bath is now in smithereens so not an option to put it back ! It suffered one small hole whilst being taken out to lay the floor but it suffered a few more today after this girl’s complaint to the supplier didn’t really progress matters. Girl with sledge hammer….dangerous…but it felt damn good!

A few days staying with the in-laws beckons and the hope the work might actually be all done by the weekend to make way for kink is totally out the window!

Work…is shite.  Grimly still is unwell and really the last thing on this girl’s mind is kink and yet the space here keeps saying ‘come on write something’. Well sorry the first post in a week is  a rant!

Kink wise the playroom is there with the hatch shut down. With everything else going on this girl does not feel remotely sexy or horny or vaguely interested even in BDSM. Perhaps hopefully soon those feelings will return especially since soon a puppy needs to be found to wag this tail properly 😉

though perhaps its just a bit too big to fit without a mallet 😉

Well whilst this girl does have a sadistic mind she’s perhaps not that evil……or is she ????

She would be if that bathroom supplier turned up on her doorstep! Funnily some 20 something year old lads turned up yesterday to offer to do a loft insulation quote unsure they would have known how to insulate a dungeon!

16 thoughts on “The tail wagging the dog

  1. OUCH ! Typical example of “it never rain but it pours”. I hope Grimly gets better quickly and the bath arrives and the in-laws…………. Umm, I am not so sure about the in-laws, but I hope everything goes off smoothly.
    As for the puppy tail, how about inserting it wrong way round up your original bath suppler; I’d be happy to lend you a really BIG mallet.
    Hugs Jane

  2. Nothing is ever easy.. and with all that’s going on, I’m amazed you’re handling it as well as you are. It’ll get better. Remodeling can be majorly stressful, but having the only bathroom in the place out of service, with the supplier being uncooperative, has got to be the worst.
    I hope things settle down soon, and hope Grimly feels better soon.
    Warm Regards,

  3. I’d love to join you in inserting that into B&Q, after the mess they made of mine. It’s a bad start when you have to threaten to get them prosecuted for fly-tipping, after they dump someone else’s old bathroom fixtures on your rockery while they do that job…

    The tail doesn’t look *that* bad … bigger than my two plugs, but smaller than the inflatable one goes up to. For the right domme, with plenty of lube, I’d be happy to give it a try myself – do let us know if you do manage to ram it into some lucky sub, or yourself of course!

  4. Awww, sorry to hear about the bathroom issues, it brings back memories from when I was renovating. Remind me to run when I ever see you with a hammer ;-). I hope Grimly gets better soon and I’ll have my fingers crossed that everything does work out as planned with the new supplier.

  5. Just keep in there! There are some firms you wonder how thay are still in business. Fact is if it was just the bath delivery that pissed you off you are very lucky. Great photo I hope kink is just around the corner for you both. Hope your Grimly gets well soon.

  6. Good luck with the bath, we had to smash our old cast iron one up too, because if would not fit down the stairs but we waited until we had the new one upstairs before we did it. The enamel was a bit dangerous, goggles saved our eyesight.

    I hope grimy gets better soon, not just altruistically but also selfishly so you can tell us what he had been doing to you and devices he has been making.

    I would think the tail would stop any puppy dogs from sitting on the furniture or even laying on the bed except face down. A bit difficult to wag though unless there is a motor hidden inside, for some unknown reason 😉

  7. “Well sorry the first post in a week is a rant!” As we are all saying, keep in there. We love reading these posts and we all enjoy a rant (well, I do). I do some on my own (tends to be in other places and on other subjects). Any consolation and we have had a c>>p spring as well. At one point all four immediate members of family were in the signed off sick zone with one in hospital. Lovely tail, always good to have something to focus on to keep the tough things at bay, now maybe your eyes need something to focus on?

  8. Keep your chin up, it will be worth it in the end. Looking forward to you resuming normal duties in due course.
    Yours : A Lurker

  9. Jane, thanks, I have their address so i’m very tempted to do just that! But it wouldn’t fix the problem hopefully this time next week it will be a distant memory 🙂 Grimly on the other hand would like to insert that plug to the suppliers bottom using vicks vapour rub and sand as a lube.

    vinny, to be honest i have this tendency to blow things out of proportion sometimes but this time i think i’m in proportion, well sort of 😉

    js207, i’ll let you know but its not going anywhere near me, luckily i have the much smaller one steffy made me!

    daedae,once Grimly got a new employee at his old work place to take a message to the boss in one hand and a hammer in the other and the note said ‘give me all your money or i’ll hit you with this hammer’ i’m sure you’ll get the joke knowing his ex line of work lol

    kenny, are you offering to try?

    Keith, i’m sure it is just feels like a lot of things are sidetracking us at the moment but its always going to be there.

    jlatex, well once we have this current little issue sorted we must have you over for a visit 🙂

    barbie, i’m sure i saw a design for a motorised tail somewhere will need to try and find that.

    islv, i shall rant more then if you like it. You must be a very good husband to like being ranted at 😉

    Steve, thanks so much for your comment, please don’t tell Grimly you said to me to keep my chin up he’ll reach for the posture collar !

  10. I had to re write that message seveal times due to inuendo issues, but our minds must be alike, because that was exactly what I was thinking. I have just finsihed installing our wet room, unfortunaltley, my wife only has one use in mind for it and thats getting clean, HOW BORING 😦

  11. And there was I thinking you were going to open up the way by sticking the mallet in there first…

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