Taking charge

Sorry there have not been many updates here recently. Work has been rather stressful since this girl returned from holiday and she has therefore not wanted to spend much time anywhere near a computer or doing much apart from chilling out. In the meantime Grimly has been up to his neck in bathroom supplies and tiles!

So the main problem this girl has had at work is that her boss was off and left her in charge for a change. Being in a position of authority was a bit strange given normally this girl just does her own thing but actually having to manage unruly people well gosh it can be difficult especially when they don’t like the fact suddenly a peer is in charge! Being in her manager’s shoes sort of does make this girl appreciate the crap her boss has to deal with a little more, but it is a stressful place to be and not really all that much fun.

It’s not that this girl doesn’t like to take charge sometimes it’s just in her current work situation it is not all that much fun at least not in the current work climate, perhaps one day that will change, it must actually since it can only get better!

Taking charge outside of work is a different thing. This girl has always been a switch. Well pretty much always. She first played with a sub way back in 2003 and ever since then she’s played with submissives/bottoms when the right opportunities have arisen. This girl was also a pro domme for a while but that really never worked out since as soon as money is involved it changes the dynamic and also when kink is a career you have less choices as to who you play with really if you need to pay the bills.

This girl is first and foremost a submissive masochist,then sort of being a sadistic dominant is secondary there’s different aspects of the whole sadomasochistic spectrum that appeal to this girl so why just choose one label or box? It really all goes by the person she’s interested in what sort of zing is there.

Some people make the comment that switching is greedy or uncertain or fucked up, but this girl does not agree with that having experience from both sides of the coin can only make each time better for everyone involved since sometimes a day in someone else’s shoes can teach a lot.

This girl has certainly learnt a lot over the years from Grimly and learnt a lot more about herself in the process. A great many things that he’s done to her she would like to do others a hint being pictured below 😉 Now thats a lot more possible since the playroom is upstairs and not 200 miles away so hopefully over the next few years it will see more guests some of them just friends perhaps some of them more than that.

She’s very lucky in that Grimly understands her need to sometimes be at the other side of the controls. It’s not a very regular need but it is a need all the same and a great deal of fun.

So a comfy chair is waiting…..all plugged in and charged right up 🙂

10 thoughts on “Taking charge

  1. I’ve often wondered – – is it more frustrating (and erotic) to be completely immobile when secured, knowing you canniot escape, or being secured (by chains, for example) where you can move around and fantacize that you COULD get loose, but you deep down inside yiou know you cannot.

  2. You look fantastic, and the evil high-tech corner of your play space looks absolutely.. evil! I LOVE IT.

  3. On Diana’s question, my limited experience indicates that having some movement allows you to panic and fight against your bonds and hurt yourself until you give up in exhaustion and self inflicted pain whereas I would think you could not hurt yourself quite so much when closely confined nor probably expend so much energy but I’m no expert. The former is certainly erotic when you give up the fight and lay there still but I would think the initial submission to the latter is almost as erotic but in a colder less fiery way.

    As for me I will pass, its a kind offer. I like being controlled, restrained, humiliated while dressed as a subservient female but I do not like pain, which makes the threat of pain an effective way to control me, I suppose it boils down to being a coward really.

    I think it might help newer readers to remind us all where you are This Girl. Somewhere around the latitude of Yorkshire/Lancashire if I remember correctly or is it a LITTLE further South perhaps? A long way from Kent anyway.

    Good luck to you all with it and I hope you all enjoy it and nobody gets injured, well not permanently anyway.

  4. Looks like a really fantastic place to have some “enforced relaxation” time. :-). Mmmmmmmmmmm

  5. stevie, lol i’m sure you would like that a lot

    Diana, i like all types of bondage so sometimes total immobility works for me othertimes predicament bondage is fun where i can maybe move but it hurts or something else happens if i do, but also just wearing a pair of cuffs sometimes can work if the rest of the setting fits 🙂

    Maskenfraud, we’ve had no complaints so far 🙂

    barbie, wimp! 😛 I live sort of near Glasgow if that helps geography. Though i’m most definitely not glaswegian. No one has ever been injured by either myself or Grimly we are both experienced enough to not let that happen.

    kenny, would you like a bib to catch your drool LOL

  6. oh ps in case i’ve not made my post clear i’m looking for hot girls to torture not fellas 😛 hopefully have one on her way to me next month *cue evil laughter * heheheh

  7. Well I hope she makes it to your home and….survives lol. As usual I can do nothing but wish you the best of luck in finding those fun playmates 🙂

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