A couple of shades of grey

Today this girl relented and ordered the 50 shades of grey book to see what all the fuss is about! More to follow on that perhaps once she’s read it!

Generally this girl hasn’t come across that many writers of fetish fiction that she enjoys , preferring reading non fetish stories but there have been one or two she has enjoyed so it will be interesting to see if the book lives up to the hype. Lately this girl has started reading Ken Follett’s World without end and can’t put it down so it will have to wait till she’s finished that!

The lack of posts here the last few weeks is due to this girl having a few weeks holiday with her friends from Canada – first of all Henry visited (who made a lot of the steel items she pictured recently) followed by JG Leathers and his wife. For being kinky visitors there wasn’t much kink at all. In a way this is good because perhaps categorising friendships into kink or non kink is just too black and white, it is good to have friends with whom several aspects of life and interests can be enjoyed together whilst also not needing to hide the deviant stuff should a comment or conversation lean that way.  It’s good knowing people that are from all over the spectrum in that sense. This girl is also happy in that whilst she has met many people through kink she can have as much fun with them not doing kink  just the same way as she can with Grimly. This girl realised she loved him really when she worked out that there was more to him than *just that*.

Whilst Henry was visiting, he helped Grimly mostly finish the playroom (perhaps this girl has mentioned that already) and it is looking pretty spectacular and hopefully there will be some pictures that are worth posting in the next week or two. The playroom IS shades of grey, well, and white and this should make pictures stand out more than they did before. There is a lot more drawer space too meaning it is much less cluttered. It is just now the problem of remembering what lives where.

This girl and Grimly also took Henry to a munch in Glasgow, which was perhaps a bit of a culture shock! Really the only other major kinky thing that happened was that when we all visited Wales to stay with Geetwo and Maxi who threw a kinky party with several friends and that was great fun 🙂 Though perhaps the thing this girl enjoyed most about being there was splashing about in the hot tub with a certain lady 😉  Overall though it was great fun with some very interesting conversations which may lead to this girl and Grimly organising an event (probably in England) in the near future so watch this space. Read near future as being likely 2013 lol.  The rest of the holiday was taken up a lot with touring around and meeting up with people and having fun, oh and sailing. As a result of this Grimly is a few steps closer to perhaps, one day, buying a catamaran. Navy – watch out lol

Anyhow back now to reality, and a house of just the two of us. It’s great to have company since it sometimes gets this girl into trouble but at the same time keeps her out of it (if that makes sense) but now there is nothing to stop Grimly doing whatever he wants.

At the moment though that’s looking at bathroom suites. Whilst that may sound boring it would be nice actually to have a bathroom swish enough to do some rubber shoots in 😉

6 thoughts on “A couple of shades of grey

  1. Thank you and Grimly for allowing us to share your life experiences as they happen. Be they on a regular basis, or intermittent, they are a joy to read. I guess that is a nice way of saying that living your lifestyle vicariously, is something we would all like to accomplish, put into our “bucket list”!
    May I also add that your pictures while celebrating the Queen’s anniversary were SPECTACULAR!
    Lucky are those who had a chance to see you in person! The outfit perfectly complimented your gorgeous body.
    I better sign off now, before I make a bithering fool of myself.

  2. Sounds as if you both have been having a busy few weeks! My wife has got 50 shades on order it sounds an interesting read. You are reading a good book there one of Follets best along with the pillars. I used to live in Scotland for 3 years in Arbroath fantastic place and great folk. ( love the food there too). Good luck to Grimly with the catt a man who likes sleed on water.

  3. I look forward to hearing what you think of 50 Shades – I just finished all 3 of them last week. I am not into fetish/bdsm fiction either – expect for the Marketplace series.

  4. Bellmaster, I daren’t even write a bucket list it would just be too long! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures, oh i’m as daft for blushing at your comments so please don’t apologise!

    Keith, i’m really enjoying Follet however some of the descriptive writing is just so good it gives my imagination too many gory images! Good but bad if you know what I mean. Arbroath is a little north from here, i used to pass it a lot on the train when we lived apart. I guess haven for anyone that likes golf.

    danae, i’ve never read the marketplace series i’ll need to get that next i think 🙂

  5. i was reading something else first but i’m halfway through 50 shades and so far i’m really not taken with it !

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