Six of the best

This girl’s weblog is six years old today. Given it began as a communication tool between her and Grimly whilst they were in a long distance relationship its a little weird that its lasted so long but perhaps that’s something to do with being a shy exhibitionist.

It’s been an interesting six years and many many things have changed in that time especially over the last year.

Thank you all for your continued support and comments 🙂

If there is anything you would like to see here or know about, please feel free to ask anytime.

16 thoughts on “Six of the best

  1. Congratulation on your blogs birthday is there going to be lots of cakes. Your blog is one of the best out there. Love reading it. I will drink a toast to you and your blog tonight!

  2. Yayyy! Six years is a good long time. Watching you and Grimly proceed toward marriage and all the things you’ve done together has been SO much fun. I would like to thank you SO much for sharing it with us, and I also think it’s the best blog around. 🙂 It’s incredibly generous and gracious of you to share so much of yourselves with us, and I am very glad of it. I hope you have SIXTY more of the best! 🙂

  3. Congrats!!! Six years is awesome! It’s so cool to still be blogging, as so many others seem to have disappeared in this time…. blog on!

    pup xx

  4. WHne I saw the title I thought it meant something else. Thank you for 6 years of taking us on a journey that historically is already a classic, Where my head when when you titled it was about being memorable for other reasons. Since you asked for questions, can you narrow it down to your 6 best posts? 6 best sessions?

  5. to sustain a blog for this length of time and about such a sensitive and complex subject is a matter worth praise

  6. Congratulations, six golden years.
    You are the only person whose blog I read regularly as its the best. Thank you.
    I do write a personal one for my Mistress, a daily report on what I have done and on my fantasies but its far too intimate for publication. The fantasies might make a good erotic read one day for those into feminised slaves and their cruel Mistresses (and a few Masters). I do love writing them, if only I didn’t have a job to use up my time I’d maybe find a way to publish them.
    I wonder if when you lack inspiration you could look back over your old posts and see if you can update us on how they continued, or if they didn’t, why not, were they impractical to carry on with or did the equipment break, or did you stop for fear of physical or mental injury?

  7. u should post some of your videos on your blog…it would do better…

  8. A bit late, but congrats. Six years… wow. That’s a long time to maintain a blog, let alone a successful relationship – which means it must be a good one. We’re all very happy for you. Here’s to many more!

  9. thank you all for such lovely comments sorry for the gap in posting here but holidays intervened a little the last few weeks! Will catch up soon 🙂

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