High five

Today is the 5th anniversary of Grimly collaring this girl.

It feels a very long time ago. In a way the event this girl and Grimly are at this weekend will be slightly similar with a fetish party and BBQ but several hundred miles away in Wales insead of Scotland. It is a happy coincidence really that a fun event is happening today just because a lot of friends are in the same place at the same time from Canada, England, Scotland and Wales and that it just happens its also the date of a special occasion for Grimly and this girl which wasnt planned but it is nice. Funnily, it is also the 30th birthday of the girl this girl used to tie up in her parent’s attic, but she’s isn’t here!

Talking of attics,shortly before this girl and Grimly left Scotland he more or less finished the playroom, there are a few little bits and pieces to finish off including laying the laminate flooring but most of the equipment is now in the places where it will live. So hopefully not long after this girl and Grimly return home it might get its first use!

This date will always be special since it symoblises when this girl and Grimly first made a lasting committment to each other in front of a lot of people that are special to them, in a way it had similarties to the wedding but it was far simpler but incredibly poignant in its own way.

Happy Anniversary Grimly 

7 thoughts on “High five

  1. Many congratulations to you both on yet another milestone in such a wonderful relationship 🙂 Perfect timing as always. So sorry couldn’t make it this weekend trying hard not to feel too sorry for myself lol Love to you both and all in Wales. Mx

  2. Well done you two – Happy anniversary and many more to cum.

  3. Mairi, thanks we wished you were both there, hope to see you soon for a visit to our revamped playroom 😉

    thanks Stevie, Daedae and Kenny

    pup sorry the time was not longer but it was hot and bubbly hehe

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