Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

So continuing on from yesterday, here are some more pictures this girl created to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee which is happening in the UK today.

These photos were taken in Blackpool which is a seaside resort in the north west of England and pretty much a stereotypical English seaside town with amusement arcades and a pleasure beach, ice creams & illuminations at night.  The pictures were taken in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. A few years ago this girl would not have dared worn latex in public but after doing the little photo shoot she did with JG Leathers in San Francisco this was really nothing, and its amazing what you can get away with when people think its just a special photo shoot, well the theme was obvious lol. There were some strange stares but this girl is pretty much used to those!

This girl is not particularly royalist but she much prefers having a Queen and a quirky little country to live in with all its foibles than having a president! Seeing the country do all different things to celebrate her reign has been nice to see this weekend too. It is most definitely impressive having the same job for sixty  years – this girl couldn’t manage that one!  Hopefully the Queen is enjoying seeing the country enjoy themselves in her name though perhaps she wouldn’t approve too much of these pictures.

Prince Harry on the other hand….who knows. 😉

5 thoughts on “Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

  1. You look fantastic in red, White and blue. I’m no royalist but 60 years is a good feat. It’s a shame I’m not there for the party’s. Blackpool a great place for the weekend but the prices are a bit steep there. In Bpool you can wear what you want nobody gives a toss there. I bet you did turn a few heads with your beauty.

  2. Strange stares? No they were just enjoying looking at you. A beautiful woman like you could ‘get away’ with almost anything in what you wear, or don’t wear.
    As for the jubilee, I’ve just worked out I must have been conceived three months into the Queen’s reign. If she lives as long as her mother, and I have not had a stroke or something, maybe I will see the Queen’s 70th jubilee whatever that is called. Platinum, double diamond, plutonium? Looks like Charles will be very old when he succeeds her, if he is still alive. Little chance of even a sliver jubilee for him. Anyway, long live the queen!

  3. As an American citizen, I offer my sincere congratulations to the entire Commonwealth for such a FANTASTIC celebration. I am sure you are more than familiar with the phrase “Only the Brits”, generalized term, since I know you are a Scot, y’all have most certainly met, and exceeded, the expectations of the world.
    As for your pictures, I believe the Queen would not only approve of your pictures, but would want them framed and mounted in Her office. I certainly would!!!
    With no offense intended, since I am American, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stevie, who know.

    Keith, i noticed that. The only problem I had was not locking the door when I was getting changed and nearly getting interrupted by tourists. Therefore i risked getting changed back out of the outfit in the car going up the motorway!

    Thanks Barbie, I hope the Queen will see a 70th Jubilee. Apparently Victoria managed 63 years so I think Elizabeth will beat that at least. I have to be honest I’m not really wanting Charles on the throne I hope it skips to William & Kate!

    Bellmaster, I’m English living in Scotland so I’ve got at least two parts of the British Isles covered 🙂 I think its very unlikely many people have pictures of me in their office, other than Grimly. I’m really trying to do my best to stop him putting his favourite one up in the living room in case my folks drop by lol

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