Outstanding in the field

So these pictures are pretty much the last set this girl has not yet used from her honeymoon with Grimly. Spreading out the pictures over nine months has made the honeymoon feel as though it’s lasted a little longer and this girl has achieved her aim of spreading the pictures out until some of her friends she spent her honeymoon with arrived in the UK!

When she was in Vancouver Island at Cederbrae, she met steel engineer, Henry, who is now staying with her and Grimly in Scotland till mid week when JG Leathers and his wife arrive for onward travel to meet up with other friends down south for a sort of holiday and tour around the UK. ย This girl and Grimly just took Henry to one of the local munches where he showed off some of his steel work however the stand pictured was much too large for the flight over!

It’s good actually that this girl and Grimly now have company because it means Grimly can STOP work on the playroom temporarily and chill out a little. He has been working so very hard. The place is nearly finished though, there still needs to be a floor covering laid and all the equipment put in place and a few more coats of paint but the building work has pretty much been all done.

It’s really good having so many friends that have engineering and creative skills to get ideas from and help. This girl has been inspired a lot by Henry’s designs and also that of JG Leathers, and Grimly , well he is inspired by pretty much everything!

This type of stand is perhaps too large for the playroom but it does have similarities with the subby stand Grimly built a few years ago which could be modified in a few similar (but smaller) ways. The stand is a sort of J saddle shape so it’s not majorly uncomfortable but it does feel odd! Though that’s the point of bondage perhaps ๐Ÿ˜‰ The stand Henry made can ย actuallyย now rotate too, amongst other interesting developments for which you might need to use your imagination. Yes. THOSE sorts of developments!

This girl has always liked the idea of bondage for immobile display, being exposed, and unable to do anything to prevent what might happen next. Though having her feet off the ground is quite an unusual sensation, especially when it’s not because of suspension. Unfortunately there are just too many vanilla things to bring her back down to earth so it’s just one of those things that needs to be enjoyed during the moment of sensational escapism ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Outstanding in the field

  1. Do you half to work to keep your balance when you are up there or is there a support for you to rest your back on? It seems like it would be a bit of a task to get up on it, however once there I could defenetly see the appeal. I’m envyious of you getting to try all the spectacular things you get to!

  2. You look good on the pedderstoll! Looks like a fantastic garden an outside dungon. Shame I’m not in uk for the next 6 mounths cause I would have offered to do your flooring ( it used to be my job). have a great break and a fantastic jubile weekend

  3. thanks stevie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Andy, yeah getting on it was not exactly glamorous lol. There’s no back support but the legs being spread out sort of distributes the pressure quite well so i didn’t feel like i was going to topple over or anything like that. It was good fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keith, sadly not taken at our place but agreed its a beautiful venue. Our dungeon is sadly all indoors but will have its own charm. Stay tuned I think something will be appearing here on Tuesday that will be right up your street ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Fantastic pics…. The first was like one of those wierd maguc eye thingies…. Stare at iTTt ling enough and eventually youll see a steel bondage stand…. Took me a while see ANYTHING but all of your delicious rubbery goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. A very slow motorised spin would be good, and then all sides of you would be on display in turn. Faster might be dangerous but definitely stimulating. Looks like a central hydraulic ram and my mind is boggling, I hope there aren’t any accidents with legs being torn off! When your arms are outstretched it reminds me of a quintain, a device for jousting practice, if you had a ball on a chain in one hand and a block of wood for the lance to hit in the other it would be even closer. The human body would not stand up to the stress of actual use though.

  6. I have heard about being sent for a long stand, but this is a new angle on that saying………. BTW your loyal photospread at Blackpool was exactly what being British is all about. No more weird than a gent in his tenth decade spending four hours stood in the rain beside his wife watching narrowboats and row boats pass him by. What it is to be British and eccentric!

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