On a night like this…

A few weeks ago this girl and Grimly went to the Exodus fetish club in Birmingham with several friends including a certain young lady.

It was a very special evening since Exodus is a extremely fantastic club with lots of amazing equipment and people who are fun and friendly. In addition it has a resident fetish photographer which is a pretty cool thing, especially given he is so nice and his photography is very good as shown below.

The highlight of the evening for this girl really was to put pup in a latex straight jacket, hood and gas mask for an hour or so of torment and teasing. Sometimes perhaps slow torture and denial is as interesting as all the bells and whistles from the get go, but of course that is good too!

It is interesting to watch someone experience something new for the first time, and pup had not tried a gas mask before. This girl can vaguely remember the first time she tried a gas mask herself but it seems so long ago! They can be a bit freaky to begin with especially with a hood there too but oh once you relax into a gas mask the affect can be actually almost hypnotic as really all you can concentrate on is the sound of your own breathing which ends up being slower or faster based on whatever else is happening. Of course, it also looks pretty hot! It was perhaps unusual because pup had no idea what she looked like in it till she saw these photos!

This is one of the reasons why this girl likes keeping a photographic record and a diary of what happens to her, because sometimes she wouldn’t believe some things were true and had happened otherwise.  There have been moments and this one of them perhaps that have been a bit dream like and bizarre, yet very special and erotic. Perhaps really the expressions say the rest.

2 thoughts on “On a night like this…

  1. Where have i been…? i have only just seen this! Wow… what a lucky girl that pup is…. and what an awesome night it was!


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