Touch wood

At the weekend together with some friends, this girl and Grimly visited Bridgewood. This is a private woodland operated by a friend of ours.

This girl had visited there once before whilst passing the area with Captive Kink, but this was the first time she and Grimly had been to an event there. It was amazing!

The venue is very private and a sort of bit of heaven compared to being away at work all week during the day and a house full of sawdust from the work on the loft at night! There is a beautiful little log cabin that people can socialise in, and then tracks through the woods for pony play and other open air activities and also with various bondage equipment dotted about under the trees.

Perhaps what made it special was that it was Maxi’sย birthday as well, so after this girl being embarrassed by it being her birthday at the last public event she went to she got her own back hehehe. Yes it could have been the weather on Saturday that it is now (which actually is too hot!) but other than the weather not being perfect the place is fantastic.

Perhaps what this girl liked most about it was that whilst there are so many opportunities and variations of outdoor play that can be done there the social side of it is very nice. The cabin is cosy, there was good company and interesting conversations and no cliques or bitchiness that sometimes happens at fetish events. It was perhaps one of the friendliest events this girl has ever been to.

She managed to do a little pony play with Grimly, the first really outdoor play she’d done since being LadyM”s pony girl in Canada, so that was good to do. Whilst this girl also likes the indoor events that have been running in Birmingham, she does much prefer being a pony actually outside, it just seems to be easier to get into character.

This girl really needs some new pony boots though. She left the ones she wore for Folsom in Canada, but they would be no good for Bridgewood or really any outdoor event as generally woodland is not 100% flat. This girl needs some boots that look as good but are flatter and more suited to woodland. Perhaps Grimly can invent something once the playroom is finished.

That is coming along well, perhaps some photos will follow of the progress soon ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Touch wood

  1. Now, why am I not surprised at you enjoying getting payback ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do hope when Grimly gets the hint in the text and he does invent something we will get a nice description of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Real ponies have the advantage of four feet on the ground so do not have to balance on just two. How about something like toy soldiers, who have a base on their feet, but not a single base for both feet but one for each, maybe if the hooves at the end have metal shoes, perhaps a thin steel plate could be screwed or welded to them so you would have a larger flat area so that you could balance easier and also not have the hoof sink into soft ground. If shouldn’t be too heavy though or you would get worn out lifting it up all the time. Or would that be a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ If the top was painted with camouflage colours it might not be too noticeable on photos but you would not want to stand as you are in the photo with one hoof raised. A little weight would discourage that I suppose. Of course the two plates should be flush on the inside edge otherwise they could rub against the other ankle and soon become very sore and have you walking bow legged.

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