Chain gang

Here are some more pictures to continue from the previous post, these pictures show this girl dressed in latex and chains with Msspentyouth, a friend she and Grimly met during their honeymoon on Vancouver Island 🙂

The steel frame was made by Henry, a friend on the Island with a penchant for engineering 🙂 Grimly might plan something similar (and collapsible) for the playroom here, since it is a very versatile piece of kit and adaptable for height, and as you can see various implements some nice and some nasty can be attached!

Anyway the pictures probably speak for themselves hopefully they truly communicate the level of frustration of being chained opposite a beautiful girl and not being able to do much given there was too many chains and chastity belts in the way!

9 thoughts on “Chain gang

  1. If I am a little Mouse so i sit in the Garden and look to the two lovely Ladys playing together…. …. ….

    Greetings from Cologne, Steven

  2. Steven, thanks for your comment quite a few people seemed entertained by what was going on in the garden 🙂

    Keith, i know, i miss her I wish she was coming over here!

    kenny, you speechless – never!

    stevie, its steel.

    js207, thanks 🙂

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