Turning on the waterworks

So, just a small update at the moment.  Grimly and this girl had hoped to be by now starting the works required to build a new playroom here. But it’s all been held up!

The first thing that needs to be done is for the old cold and water tanks to be moved out by a qualified plumber so that a new central heating combi boiler can be installed down in the kitchen instead.  Plumbers came out to quote.  A quote was accepted. The plumber did not turn up. So, back to square one with getting more quotes since the other ones weren’t that great.

It’s frustrating! This girl is really keen for the plumbing to get done so Grimly can get to work with flooring the loft and building the playroom. It should really end up being quite impressive if it all goes to plan as per his imagination 🙂  In addition once the plumbing work is done work can also start on improving the kitchen and bathroom. So everything is all a bit held up just now.

So in a way it’s a good thing the playroom is not there and these other distractions, since it has been nice just having Grimly here as a husband rather than as an evil bastard at the same time. It’s great waking up with him, going to bed with him, and being picked up from work sometimes and just other little things like chilling out together on the sofa and sharing meals.

Ok so eventually the novelty of all that might wear off. It’s not all been rosy either, it’s weird for this girl to be getting used to living with someone else, especially someone who is her husband and her dom, after being so long alone with her own way of living. But the benefits outweigh the little compromises.

There has been a little bit of D/s stuff and bondage raising it’s head here and there but this girl is really looking forward to the next main weekend she has dedicated for that with Grimly at an outdoors bdsm venue in a little over two weeks.

It’s good really to have something to look forward to 🙂 Patience though is not really one of this girl’s virtues!

9 thoughts on “Turning on the waterworks

  1. I’m not really patient either. -giggles- Hope it starts coming to fall into place for you n’ Grimly soon!!

  2. thanks Vanille, it’s looking likely we may have someone to do the job on monday, just hope this one shows! 🙂

    stevie, thanks , things do normally tend to work out its just the waiting i don’t like, but i’m getting a new toy on friday – a new cooker – yippee :))

    feeling so wifey getting excited about appliances lol

  3. Good luck with hunt for a good plumber. A good plumber is like rocking horse shit to find. A water tank is not to hard to disconect but it’s a twat to get it down stairs.

  4. “This girl is really keen for the plumbing to get done so Grimly can get to work with flooring the loft and building the playroom. ” It is so annoying when the outside world impedes our own private created world. I guess for all of us who play in this scene, the worlds we create privately are of vital importance to us. We spend ages planning and managing them. And we don’t take kindly when the outside ventures inside. However your phrase brought out a smile. “The plumbing to get done…………”, what is on earth is Grimly doing to do to you before the playroom is commissioned? Are you being replumbed internally? Is this a new aspect to his dominance now that you are together 24/7, that your plumbing will be brought into total and constant servitude?

  5. If the water tank is plastic its no problem getting it downstairs. If its galvanised iron, turn it on its side and add a grille to make an awesome cage.

    Actually you did mention you fancy getting into water play if I remember right. Leave it upright and leave the water supply in place with a new stop cock and connect a waste pipe to the main output pipe. Maybe a little small though. Hmm, Grimley would have to be very careful but if he did leave it upright and a grille on TOP you could be in it and not know if he was going to turn the water on or not.

    Well done islv, I love it.

    If patience is not your virtue maybe Grimley should be trying to use his mind bending devices to give it to you next time he has control of all your senses and oxygen supply. Does he read the replies to your blog? Hope I have not started something you will not like. “You WILL be patient, you WILL be patient… ” on a loop played directly into your ears at 90 decibels 😉


  6. sissybarbie thank you for the ideas, the water tank has to go to free up space but we do have a rather nice cage which will be getting lots of use as soon as the room is finished. I quite like her impatience it’s a sort of torture for her to have to wait so I think I will leave that as it is but once “The Chamber” is built I will be doing some tinkering with her mind so I am always open to some suggestions.

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