30 days of submission : Day 28

Has your submission ever let you down? Have you ever been criticized for your submission? Have you ever regretted being or feeling submissive in a moment or in a relationship? Have you ever looked back and realized you made a mistake and how did you handle your submission going forward from that.

This girl wouldn’t say her submission has ever let her down as such, more she’s let herself down at times over things, sometimes D/s related, other times not. She’s only human after all and therefore she has her flaws. Most of the times when she’s let herself down have been because she’s not had the confidence to push for what she’s wanted just that little bit extra. However Grimly is the best tonic for confidence she has ever and so she is getting a lot better at going after what she wants with the faith in herself.

This girl has been criticised for being submissive. Some people see it as a weakness. That it is not a worthwhile role to take and that it is twisted to want D/s and to want all the bondage and pain of BDSM.  At least one person in the past has written to (at length) saying how what she does goes against God, and that she should be ashamed of herself, and that she should see a psychiatrist so that she has her head rewired to concentrate on the ‘normal’ things such as having a family. The thing is, people can try to tell her they think she is mad and that they think what she is doing is wrong, but you know what? That’s their opinion. They are entitled to it. They are not entitled however to try to force their opinion on her (repeatedly in at least one case). This girl is quite happy as she is. Happily married. If nothing comes over in these words and pictures surely that must. That she is happy. Aroused. In love. Well at least she hopes these things come across. If it looks like anything going on here is against her will or abusive then she is doing something far wrong in how she expresses herself because nothing could be further from the truth!

At the end of the day what goes on here is the products of the combined imagination of two people who are very into plugging into and exploring each others’ desires.

Sure, to be honest, there are times when this girl has wondered whether submission is for her. Whether she is ‘just’ a masochist. Whether her version of doing it is not as serious as **** insert other submisisve’s name here, because they perhaps follow more stringent rules and they accept situations and treatment this girl would not. There have been times when she’s wondered whether she is submissive when she’s not had outlets to exhibit it. But deep down, it is exactly what she is.

There have been times when she has made the wrong choices because of her submissive and masochistic desires. Well, the ex is the main one of those. She put up with a lot from him because she thought not doing so would be un-submissive. But there is a difference between submissive and doormat and gradually in that situation she became the latter. Grimly appreciates the fact that she is *not* a doormat. After been well and truly walked over in her previous relationship it took a long time to trust a dom again, to really let go that far, to want to obey, to want to let someone into her head, but thankfully, she did.

2 thoughts on “30 days of submission : Day 28

  1. I would like to say good on you thisgirl!!!! people only criticize others because they’re so unhappy with they’re own lives and sometimes it can be quite life changing for us on the receiving end.
    I am a practicing christian but am very open minded in the fact that different people enjoy and have different ways (that’s what makes us unique!!!) I wish I could live out the same kind of life as yourself and Grimly. It’s what you could say is a marriage made in heaven , the perfect balance of a dom/sub kinda switch relationship plus the fact you both have the loving,caring relationship too.

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