Take the floor!

When this girl was in Canada, she got to try various welded creations made by her friend Henry. The pictured frame below is ingenious in that it can be used front ways, or back ways, and can be adjusted for height and size and shape 🙂

Whilst it is in effect a hog tie the strength of the steel reinforces the overall feeling of the bondage and there is absolutely no way to escape, given it is so heavy and that the cuffs and collar are all securely locked on. Even if she could have got her hands free she wouldn’t have got any further. She did try to get her hands out, but failed desperately when someone decided they thought it would be funny to tickle her feet!

This girl is hoping Grimly will make one of these rigs since it has a lot of potential still yet to be explored 🙂

11 thoughts on “Take the floor!

  1. But those cuffs are metal, right? Any padding? Any rounding of edges? Do they dig in to your skin in a *bad* way? Is there a danger of cutting?

    With the exception of that single reservation I have, I think this devious device looks DELICIOUSLY sexy! So does the model.

    Very fun!

  2. hi Frr 🙂 no they’re not padded, but they have been very well made and there is absolutely no danger of bondage. Nothing bad about it at all. As with any hogtie position it might get uncomfortable after a while but perhaps that is part of the idea 😉

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  3. Oh so wonderfully evil! I think holding the elbows straight means you don’t have enough shoulder movement to retract the hands even if the cuffs were not tight on the wrists.

    They could of course have done far worse to the soles of your feet.

    I would be worried about suddenly getting cramp in my legs, but as long as my Mistress stayed around so I could tell her and beg release, it looks delicious. I fantasise it might happen and she might make me wait in agony but I doubt she would really. Actually I think that type of cramp is easy to induce by pushing the ankle joint over centre, after that no amount of leg muscle can pull it back, the more you struggle the worse the pain. When It happens naturally when in bed I have to get up and stand up but in this position that would be impossible. It happened once when I wore high heels in bed and went to sleep. When I woke in agony, standing up didn’t work, I had to think quickly and found sitting on the bed with the backs of the shoes on the floor worked. I was wearing shoe locks so couldn’t take the shoes off without walking (impossible) or crawling to the other side of the room to get the keys.

    I might make something similar with a timber central bar drilled to take M12 studding to hold the rings which I could turn up on my lathe quite easily then tap to accept the studding. Not in stainless steel though, it case hardens too quickly. Probably mild steel or nylon.

    Thank you so much for inspiring me.

    Now when I’ve finished the CBT I’m building for my Mistress’ other clients (I’m into submission and bondage but not big on masochism myself) I have another project to start thinking about.

  4. Absolutely no danger of bondage, huh? Then what’s the point of being locked in it? ; )

    Tee hee!

  5. Oops, I meant “CBT stool” where I said just “CBT”.
    I proof read it twice but still missed the mistake.
    By the way the stool has three tops, a straight bar with attachment eyes at the ends, a pillory and a finger pillory. My Mistress knows I am very inventive and I added the last two to the basic design and also added a heavy metal knob to a sliding section which clamps around the private parts and looks like a bit like French head guillotine but with the privates through a hole at the business end instead of a neck. I have offered her a ‘telephone hammer’ which looks very lightweight, until she uses it on the fingers the poor chap trapped in the finger pillory by a thick piece of stainless steel bar to allow unimpeded access to the other fingers.

    I am not sure but I wonder if my combination of inventiveness, practicality and submissiveness is unusual. Anyway, this is your blog, I really should not allow myself to interrupt so much.

  6. that’s not what i meant obviously! i meant no danger of unintentional discomfort lol.

    perhaps i should start a game of spot my blunders…no….there would be too many!

  7. Now that just looks sooooooooo cool. Jealousy rears its ugly head again lol

  8. PLease excuse this very belated comment but I confess that I haven’t really looked through your Gallery before now.
    What I wanted to say is that Le Maitre had something very similar, the first example built for ‘la petite’ and then a slightly ‘improved’ version for me. It is, of all the pieces of equipment he owns and uses on us, that steel device is the one I hate most.
    Once locked on, there is not a millemetre of play in it and, as someone else noted, when cramp strikes, there is no way you can do anything about it. But way before that, having to remain totally immobile rapidly becomes a misery and a million and one pressure points start aching. Mine does have padding inside the cuffs so thay are much tighter than the ones in the picture – the padding may seem kind but it doubly ensures the person locked in it can’t get even the tiniest relief from its duress.
    I would advise any submissive/slave wanting something like that to think twice before pestering their Master/Mistress to buy such a device. Believe me, there are times when Dreams can rapidly turn into Nightmares !

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