30 days of submission : Day 26

 What are the qualities you seek in a dominant partner and why? Are some qualities deal-breakers as in “must” haves or “must not” have?

Well given this girl is with a dominant it is not something she has really pondered that much.  When she first met Grimly she was looking at him as being a one-off play partner rather than her dom and owner and eventual husband so the reasons why she chose him for play aren’t really as deep as the reasons why she *stayed* with him and it became more.

The things that initially attracted to Grimly were his experience, sense of adventure and his imagination.

The reasons she stayed with him really are to do with his sense of humour, how he makes her feel, and that he shares interests of hers outside bdsm. But mostly, just because he is what he is, he doesn’t pretend to be anyone else, he’s never pretended to be something else to fit what she wants, he has always been up front and not fabricated anything.

If for whatever reason it were to end this girl is not sure whether she would want to find another dom. If she did, she would look for someone who had a good imagination, a good sense of humour, appeared to be honest and fun and then well they would need that certain x-factor.

This girl has played with other doms, but perhaps not submitted to them fully if that makes sense i.e. whilst they fit the dominant label she’s played with them without it getting emotional and into ‘that’ area of her head. Generally when she’s done that it’s been because that certain ‘zing’ thing has been there and they’ve had something about them that’s made her think ‘yes i want to try that with you’ . There’s perhaps no other way to explain it. But, well, to be honest the motives of a masochist are different to the motives of a submissive.

The masochist in this girl generally wants someone who can hurt her and hurt her good and imaginatively. The submissive wants someone who can look after her, help her develop her submission and invest time and experience into making it fun and enjoyable for both parties involved.

Deal breakers, hmm, this girl would not want really want to submit to someone who she felt was in essence untrustworthy, for instance there are a few people on the local scene who fit that ‘avoid’ category just now that have shown themselves to be manipulative bastards. She wouldn’t want someone who was with another serious partner either. She wouldn’t want to be the ‘extra’

Oh well to be honest a deal breaker would be anyone that’s not him.

One thought on “30 days of submission : Day 26

  1. “he has … not fabricated anything”, that made me laugh! I know what you mean but Grimley fabricates lots of things which you get to be locked in later 🙂

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