30 days of submission : Day 25

Are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express submission? If not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? Is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

The most obvious object of submission is of course the collar this girl wears locked around her neck. It can only be removed with a key that Grimly keeps. Before she had this collar he often used leather collars on her during play and times together but this one is special as it is a constant reminder. This girl worried when she first got her eternity collar whether people would comment on it outside the fetish scene. They don’t. No one really notices. There are times when she herself sort of forgets it is there she is so used to it is like a part of her own body. It makes her feel submissive though, that it is his choice for it to be there and not hers, and that it means so much to him for her to be wearing it.

She also has a tattoo which has two symbols meaning love and slave, and when he strokes that part of her back it sort of makes her whole body feel submissive and tender.

There are other things too of course, really any time Grimly puts this girl into bondage or gets her to dress up for him she feels those submissive tendencies coming to the surface.

Grimly and this girl have experimented with rituals a little during play and there have been times when both morning and evening rituals have been incorporated when they have been appropriate and fun to include. The chastity belt pretty much makes her feel submissive too, since really not feeling submissive and not acting submissive is not going to help with getting it off any faster 😉

Perhaps anything that makes submission more interesting and involved for both parties experiencing it is good. Certainly symbols and objects that help express it give it some body and expression, however most of it really is all in the mind and the emotions 🙂

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