30 days of submission : Day 24

What are the emotions that most directly let you access submission? What feelings do they inspire?

This girl feels her most submissive when she is happy and feeling loved. Cheesy as it may sound but when she can tell Grimly is happy with her and that is he having fun that is really when she feels the most submissive. If she is in that happy state of mind then those times are when the whole concept works at its best for her.

Submission is a very sexual thing for this girl at times, so of course arousal and desire often go hand in hand with that. This girl doesn’t often like to admit it but when he is being dominant it turns her on as does being ‘encouraged’ to be submissive to him. If it wasn’t fun and erotic she would not be doing it. At the end of the day it is a fantasy with elements of truth and lots and lots of excitement.

There is also a great deal of wonder and curiosity as this girl learns new things all the time about herself, about her relationship, and about what and who having this sort of passion might introduce you to.

Curiosity…hmm…dangerous thing.

Why oh why did no one warn her about Grimly??

2 thoughts on “30 days of submission : Day 24

  1. Warned about Grimly? As if that would have made any difference once Fate brought you together……………..

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