Champing at the bit

Today is the Grand National here in the UK, a rather infamous horse race. This girl has bet on a couple of horses in it. She would give you tips, however, they have been chosen only because she liked the names not because they are any good and they are all actually outsiders.

This girl did not too bad at the pony races last week in Birmingham but she needs much more practice, but then it had been the first time she had did any pony play since October when she had fun with LadyM over on Vancouver Island.

LadyM has very good knowledge of training real horses and therefore knows the commands a horse should be given and how to deal with wayward ponies!  Perhaps as a result it was the furthest into a pony head space as this has got. However it would be difficult not to in such a beautiful setting. Pony play really is best outdoors.

The reason why this girl enjoys pony play so much is that it combines so many of her fetishes all in one. Role play, bondage and sensory deprivation. Once blinkers are added there is really not much to do other than look straight ahead and trust the directions of the person holding the reins. Well, apart from anything else it is a great deal of fun 🙂

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