30 days of submission : Day 12

Do you include service as a part of your expectations of your submission? How do you define service? What does it mean to you? If not, what is it about the concept of service that is not for you?

This is a difficult one to answer since this girl has not really lived with Grimly very long to know if that is something that will really happen , or if does happen whether it will be classed as submission so much as just really being the wife she wants to be to him anyway.

Up until recently, this girl only really saw him a few weekends a month and most of the emphasis was on BDSM and bondage rather than specific service related activities since time has always been limited in the past. That’s not to say this girl doesn’t look after him since she has done a lot of the cooking and cleaning over the years, doing romantic things for him, giving him massages, trying to do little things here and there to make his life more comfortable (most mostly things to make his life more interesting 😉 )

Also she has about 5 maids dresses of varying styles and materials so there isn’t really any excuse not to sometimes have a  more domestic (but fun) role!

To be honest about it though service is not something this girl automatically thinks of when she assesses where her submission is at. There are things she wants to do to make him happy and make his life more comfortable and to be a good wife and submissive in one, but perhaps she hasn’t got off to the best start with that since having a full-time job it is difficult to do both and not to bring negativity back home if she’s had a bad day at the office.

Up until recently it used to be the case of looking after a house and job in this town being balanced with travelling up to spend time with him but now that has changed in that this girl now has to balance working full-time with coming home to him here. It’s all very different. Whether her role becomes more service orientated she doesn’t know.

At the moment what is more likely to happen is that a lot of daily tasks will be split based on who was the time to do things – for example if he’s out or busy she’ll do the homework, if she’s working late then he’ll cook for her and things like that. Perhaps things would be different if this girl could stay home and not work, but this girl would not enjoy that type of role long-term really since she would get cabin fever perhaps. It’s hard to say how she might feel about what might be, when it isn’t.

This girl likes some things about the idea of service, the idea of looking after him and being there for him for most of his needs, but, the thing is, she is not really all that domestically minded and has a stressful job so it is difficult. In addition to that she has the ‘problem’ of a dom who quite likes doing things for himself sometimes, and , horror, likes to cook lol

Another one of those things that may be very different as time progresses. Perhaps this girl will revisit this one next year or something to see what has changed and whether she has got used to having a live in evil bastard!

2 thoughts on “30 days of submission : Day 12

  1. I live alone but when I don’t feel like doing some domestic chore I find that putting on my maids uniform gets me into the right frame of mind, and when I have done it I start looking for other chores to do. There is of course a slight problem with the time it takes to get changed before even starting the work but once dressed I suppose it is the thought of having to waste more time changing back that might get me thinking about other chores whilst I am in maid mode. I also get to practice curtseying, bobbing, walking backwards and holding my skirt properly for the next time I am serving my Mistress. I even do that for my cat who I think of as my mini mistress, though strangely never my dog, I guess its because he’s male or maybe because dogs have owners and cats have staff.

    You might try putting on one of your maid dresses when you are next feeling not ‘domestically minded’. It takes my mind away from the stress of my working life as a company director and you might find it similar for you. Grimley might like it as well and think you are more willing to serve him (which you probably will be) as well as being more immediately accessible with a very short skirt 😉

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