30 days of submission : Day 11

Does any element of BDSM occur as a part of your submissive relationships? How do you feel about BDSM? Is it core to your submission, peripheral or non-existent (other than the submission part)?

Yes, this girl is into BDSM as well as D/s and it is very much part and parcel of the ‘whole thing’.

This girl was attracted initially by BDSM perhaps more so than submission since her fantasies stemmed  initially from torture and interrogation fantasies – such as medieval tortures in films, clinical and modern interrogations in things like James Bond  & The Avengers and pretty much any sort of film or tv programme where the hero/ine gets themselves in some sort of predicament.

The picture below is an example in point showing this girl being tormented on the rack by JG Leathers. This rack was made by the lovely bondage engineer, Henry, who is based on Vancouver Island and the photo was taken at Cedarbrae the home of Rubbert and LadyM.

This girl has tried quite a few modern versions of torture implements – including the wooden pony and the scavengers daughter. Obviously these versions will not mortally wound, and are built to torment but erotically so rather than to endanger life.

As well as the concept of consensual torture, this girl also enjoys bondage, latex, corporal punishment, role play – all sorts of things  – and shares these with her Dom. The reason why she really met him was because he is a dominant sadist and therefore the flip side of what she is. The main attraction though was that like Henry who built the rack above, Grimly can build things from his imagination to make the fantasy a bit more believable and to give it colour and substance.

The reasons why this girl likes bondage and pain are two-fold really – she likes what it does to her – both physically and in her head, but also she enjoys seeing Grimly enjoy doing it to her and it’s a slightly strange buzz to know her suffering and screams and orgasms make him happy and that fulfils his need to be an evil ingenious bastard!

Doing all these things is most definitely core to her submission, this girl couldn’t really picture being owned and just really doing a sort of service and possession role without bondage and other related fetish activities.  For her and Grimly it all sort of fits together quite nicely.

3 thoughts on “30 days of submission : Day 11

  1. really sexy, but aren’t you on it the wrong way around? :). how much were you stretched, enough to make you talk? bwahahaha

  2. no this is the way it was designed, no amount of stretching would make me talk…i talk too much already…now…making me stop…that requires a great amount of sadistic engineering 😉

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