Piece of cake?

It was this girl’s birthday at the weekend and she had a fantastic time in the company of friends. However, despite what you might think this girl really is sometimes painfully shy and hates being the centre of attention. It was difficult to avoid that however when Grimly brought out this fantastic cake that a close friend had made for the occasion 🙂

The event this girl was at on Saturday was held at the club Exodus, and was a pony and pet play afternoon followed by a fetish club there later in the evening.

Around 60 people attended and probably at least triple that at night. If you live within travelling distance of Birmingham it is well worth making the effort to go to any of the club events that are held in the venue,

During the day this girl was in pony role, which was something she’d wanted to do since she hadn’t done any pony play since the honeymoon in October. To be honest it’s not something that’s easy to do over the winter months, so having an indoor venue that arranges it is absolutely fantastic.   As part of the event there were races, and this girl did not win any of those, though she came second in the long distance one, and realised how unfit she really is – she’ll need to start going back to the gym or something soon!  Whilst trinity pup spent some time during the afternoon as a puppy, she was this girl’s passenger for the long distance races and so that was a lot of fun!  This girl also met up with the people behind Abigail’s stable and got to try on one of their pony head harnesses complete with mane – they are now making things for sale and it is worth a look for anyone in the UK looking for a place to buy pony gear.

This girl is going to an outdoor pony play event next month and can’t wait for that 🙂

The evening event was very different since it was much busier and all the other rooms the club has (which is quite a lot!) were in use. This girl met up with quite a few people there that she had spoken to in the past online and at previous events and it was a nice friendly atmosphere. She also got to play with pup but more on that perhaps another time 😉

All in all it was an excellent birthday, and she is going to have to come up with something imaginative to tell family and work colleagues about what she did! Living a secret life can get complicated some times!

A couple of times over the weekend the conversation of nerves came up since there were quite a few people at both events who had either not been before or were still very new. Some people might think this girl finds it a piece of cake to go to an event but she really doesn’t as she is desperately shy around new people and finds it quite difficult, though, it does actually get easier over time. Though strangely she finds it easier talking to new kinky people than she does new normal people and work colleagues – perhaps not all that surprising!  Really the best piece of advice this girl can give anyone is to be yourself and get yourself out there meeting people, and encourage the friends that you do make to enjoy themselves 🙂

This weekend reminded this girl how important good friends are and how much fun it is to get together and enjoy these type of events,though she enjoyed the dinner and chat between the pony afternoon and the club just as much as any of the rest of it 🙂

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