30 days of submission : Day 8

 Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

This girl and Grimly have a great many fetishes whilst spanking and corporal punishment feature among those they do not feature that strongly. What Grimly and this girl share is usually a combination of dressing up (latex,leather,corsets whatever it might be), bondage (in all manner of forms) and often electricity and other forms of sensory overload, as well as role play including pet and pony play but also doctor/patient and all sorts of other things which can be seen in the pictures on the gallery.  However that is only a very brief summary and not by any means extensive of what this girl and Grimly do together. 

Grimly has, and always will be a toy hoarder. He likes equipment, and mostly likes equipment he has designed, created and put into use himself. He has made a great many corporal punishment toys over the years but seems to get more satisfaction out of things that are more unusual and more elaborately designed like the video mask and brainwashing mask that he made.

When this girl first found kink then spanking was something she did a lot. It was something most people she met did a lot, at fetish clubs and the like. It is relatively easy to learn, and compared to some other fetishes relatively easy and inexpensive to build up an implement collection.  This girl loved caning from the very first time she tried it, the sharp pain, the humiliation aspect, everything, and the fact that when she was new to it the bruises lasted as a reminder for weeks. Now they don’t!

For a while this girl was a spanking model and also did spanking 1-2-1s with people involving role play and the use of corporal punishment implements – around this time she met Grimly and he didn’t mind that she had that fetish met elsewhere since it wasn’t one of his main fantasies. Though she did stop that once things became serious since it didn’t really feel right doing those things with other people anymore.

But yes, this girl likes corporal punishment, she has a few fantasies involving judicial caning and the like but to date it is not really something she has done.  Whilst Grimly doesn’t do CP with her often, when he does he is quite severe with it. At the spanking parties the gentlemen were generally nice, offered a warm up, and built up the timpani gradually both in severity of implement and hand to bottom impact intensity (sorry best way to explain!) but Grimly is a hard spanker, there is no warm up, no warning just whack! He is similar with the cane, it hurts and it hurts a lot! However that does not stop it being erotic.

Therefore whilst spanking and corporal punishment is something Grimly inflicts on this girl from time to time it is not one of his biggest fetishes but it is nice to enjoy from time to time. It does not form really any pivot for her submission, just something that he might choose to do if the time seems right to do so 🙂

2 thoughts on “30 days of submission : Day 8

  1. Its one thing we differ wildly on our views on, CP and all that thing. You love, I hate lol!

    Electric play, seems to be something we both love though! 😉

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