30 days of submission : Day 7

Do you accept and/or expect discipline or punishments as a part of your submission? How do you feel about it?

Sometimes being someone who likes pain can make the concept of punishment a bit strange, but then there of course ways to punish and disciplinine that don’t include the phsyical.

Grimly does not punish this girl that often, but if he does he ingeniously makes the punishments generally fit what the ‘crime’ was. For example, the last time she woke up him up early with cold water he put her in bondage then chucked her in a cold shower and things like that.

For the most part this girl knows where the lines are and when not to cross them but that doesn’t mean on occasion she wont tempt his hand. Partly because she is a masocist, partly because she is curious to see what will happen and mostly because she is daft enough to want to live dangerously!

It’s not really a question of accepting discipline, if he wants to discipline her then he will, it is really part of D/s to sometimes have some disclipline in place for misdemeanors. Grimly is not however a strict dom, and does not give her an obscene amount of rules and regulations to live up to. When he feels he has to punish or discipline her its mainly because she’s been a cheeky brat and pushed him that little bit too far. This girl feels guilty that she still has her moments of bratiness (and let’s face it probably always will have some) but not guilty enough to be perfect – at least not yet!

It would be untrue to say this girl does not feel remorse when she has done something wrong. If she has truly messed something up and upset him and he has taken her in hand over it then there is some sort of catharsis to that, it sort of cancels it out and puts things back to normal.

There have been times when she’s had what other people call punishment and not felt that because she’s enjoyed the physicial stimulation and possibly sometimes the humiliation of it too much to feel sorry about it  – this has mostly occured when its been a corporal punishment type of situation.

Generally with Grimly his punishments are effective to match what she’s done wrong and it does serve as a reminder and restore balance 🙂

4 thoughts on “30 days of submission : Day 7

  1. mostly because she is daft enough to want to live dangerously!

    Why do I so believe the daft part 🙂 hehehehe

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