Red letter day

This girl and Grimly went over for a visit to Bound in Latex the other day and did a few photo shoots with JT. This first one shows this girl initially in the dress recently made for her by TLC Designs.

JT meanwhile also wore a sexy red latex dress as well as boots, and helped this girl into a latex hood and latex sleep sack. It was pretty cosy and well, a rather nice view! 😉

It was actually really good to have some fun since this girl and Grimly have not done all that much recently with the amount of moving stuff that has been going on so an afternoon in the company of friends was a fantastic tonic, and well, pretty damn sexy 🙂

You can see the full set of over 30 pictures here. Please do take a look and there is the ability to leave comments there too so please do leave the lovely JT some nice words 🙂 Whilst this girl could say a lot about what happened and how she felt during that little session perhaps the expressions say it all!

Bound in Latex is a free website showing the adventures of JT and her partner John and occasionally visiting guests – its title says exactly what it is – latex and bondage – and LOTS of gas masks – please do check it out if these are your fetishes 🙂

There are some more pictures still to come, but this weekend this girl is off with Grimly to visit a daytime pony play event and fetish club in Birmingham and meet up with several friends and it so happens to be this girl’s birthday on Saturday – being another year older  sucks!

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