30 days of submission : Day 2

Describe who you might submit to and how. Are you exclusively submissive in marriage or just in the bedroom? Are you submissive only in the context of a scene or in a role or throughout your daily life? Are you submissive to play partners or only in the context of a relationship?

Grimly is really the only person this girl has ever fully submitted to. There have been times when this girl has played with other people and they have used a combination of bondage and sensation to get into her head, but whilst  those experiences have been amazing it’s probably not been quite the same.

In theory, play is the easy part. Be tied up, be tormented. It is a bit more complex than that because there needs to be communication, desires expressed and things such as that as well as learning the techniques and pleasures but generally speaking doing the physical stuff is much easier than someone getting themselves embedded mentally and emotionally in your head on a more permanent long-term basis. The submission part is really all about that – what goes on in the mind, including between those times of physical euphoria.

How does this girl submit to Grimly? Well, she does a lot of things to make him  happy in his general day-to-day life – talking to him, listening to his dreams and also his fears, sharing her life with him. Ok, so that is in part a normal relationship, but perhaps the D/s side of it just makes it go a little further. This girl pretty much consented to him doing whatever he wanted to her body and mind a long time ago, knowing really that no harm would befall her, given his tastes are the same there is not really much risk in that. There are of course times when he wants to do things that she doesn’t like as much as others – like making her wear a posture collar for instance. In those occasions whilst she might initially protest and complain, ultimately she knows it is going to happen and despite hating it the fact she has no option will arouse her something crazy. This girl is relaxed enough though in the relationship to know he won’t push a hard limit until she is ready – for example, recently this girl spoke about her fear of getting further piercings. He messes with her head a hell of a lot – constantly coming up with new devices and tortures, and generally being an evil twisted brainwashing bastard and she would not change that .

He has got so far into her head that just a word from him in her ear can cause waves of orgasm, but also on occasion cramps too. This girl joked once that sometimes it as though her brain is some sort of control centre and he is there fiddling with the dials.

Is this girl just submissive in the bedroom? No. Whilst in the bedroom and the playroom he will often have her in bondage and collars and other symbols of slavery it continues outside that. This girl wears an eternity collar 24/7 unless he chooses for whatever reason to remove it, and this serves as a constant reminder that she belongs to him, but it is a sign of mutual commitment and fantasy rather than something one sided. This girl tries to do plenty to please him outside the bedroom as well, doing nice things for him, cooking, small little things that just add up. Sure, there are times when she can be a brat, but for the most part this girl would like to think that how she is around him is how he is happy for her to be.

Whilst she will kneel and crawl and beg and do anything he wants, she wouldn’t do that for anyone else. Not ANYONE else. In bondage, perhaps, but willingly no. Just because she is submissive to him does not mean she is submissive to anyone and everyone , it is most definitely not the case. Whilst there are some dominants this girl dreams of playing with they are few and far between and generally for physical masochist reasons rather than wanting to submit and be theirs body and mind. There is only enough of her mind to give to one.

This girl has tried having multiple partners in the past, having her ex dom and Grimly sort of at the same time for a while – it didn’t work at all. It’s better to concentrate on the dreams and desires of just one person. Though with hindsight she wasn’t submissive to her ex not really not to the same extent since he was more a bully than a dom well that’s a long story.

Really this part of her is just so important and special that it’s really something she can only give to him alone.

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