Pack up your troubles

So this weekend, whilst this girl is seeing family, Grimly will move himself in to her / their house.    Long distance relationship – OVER. 


This girl had her last weekend with him at  what will very soon be his old house a few weeks ago. Most of the play was quite mellow and whilst there was some pressure to have a sort of big finale that did not really happen so much, it’s difficult to do that when there is so much emotional luggage in the background, but gradually that has all been packed away.

However this girl did get a final go in her ‘box’, which is a suspendable wooden frame Grimly made that leaves her quite exposed to anything that he might want to do. He had used it on her first ever visit so it was quite nice that he also used it on her last one. The first time he had tormented her with bondage and being hit, and water. She got revenge on him later that night be dowsing him from the same bottle of water, and is something that is a very happy memory. This time the emphasis was more on latex and breath play and was more relaxed and this girl ended up being quite spaced out in a very sort of mellow and chilled out kind of way.

They say the process of getting married is one of the most stressful things that can ever happen. This girl did not find it really all that stressful as other people make out. However, people getting stressed by moving – she totally understands that! She isn’t even the one moving and it has been stressing her. There is stuff all over the house, things in boxes, things dismantled, waiting for a new home. Basically chaos, some of it is organised chaos , most of it, at this moment, is not! It’s easy to try and say well that stuff is just stuff, and a house is just a house, but that doesn’t really work, its impossible not to get attached to things even though really they don’t mean as much as the people who share the memories of what that stuff and place represent. Anyway, the whole thing is now past the point of no return. He hands his keys in very soon and then that is it . What he has packed , he has packed, and anything left over has been given away or binned, and hopefully it will mean a fresh start to proper married life 🙂

This girl is feeling really good about that, but at the back of her mind the chaos and this sort of transitional period of sorting out things and redoing the house here and there is quite chaotic and it will be worth it in the end. The last thing she wants is to get stressed about it and start yelling at him or worse.

This girl’s Gran used to sing the ‘pack up your troubles’ song quite a lot, especially ‘the smile darn ya smile’ line, but then she sang  a lot of wartime songs when this girl was little. It’s true though a smile fixes many things, and to be honest during the era those songs were originally sung there was much more to worry about than moving in with a slightly unusual husband!

Whether its a good thing or a bad thing, Grimly has two types of smile. The sort of average happy smile, and then, well, the sort of ‘happy to be a sadist’ smile that has a sort of twisted and bizarre glimmer behind it. This girl isn’t commenting on which one of those she’s looking forward to seeing more of. He rightly said the other day that this girl has heard his voice more than she has seen his face, and that’s true, but there’s plenty of time now to rebalance that 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pack up your troubles

  1. Yes… moving in together is kind of different, even if you’ve been together a lot before. But… it has its own joys, which I am sure you know. One of the reasons I love your blog SO much is that the relationship between you and Grimly is such a joy to watch. I read your posts and always wind up hoping wonderful things happen to you both and for you both, and I am sure they will. I really like your writing too, as it’s very clear and straightforward, but watching what the two of you get up to is always fun. Thank you SO much for sharing. 🙂 I deeply appreciate it.

  2. All the best with the move. I will be thinking of you both. As ex army done a few moves myself. When is the house warming!

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