Screw that

A question by email :-

The Nose lock that you ware in the photo’s,does it just use pressure to hold it in place or does your nose have a hole in which it is locked into?

Quite a few people ask questions about the nose shackle, but then it is a lovely piece of bondage equipment to own. It’s available at Axsmar . There are two designs available the one that is listed on the main page, and then the type in the picture above which was designed by JG Leathers, which they will also make, but you need to ask specially if you want that. The two styles do the same thing but just look slightly different in appearance.

The way the nose shackle works is that it sits behind the septum and then is screwed tight with an allan style key which comes with it. You will see the screw to the side of the shackle if you look closely 🙂 If the shackle is sitting correctly against the septum then provided it is tightened correctly then it will not fall out. It is comfortable enough when it is just sitting there, however if  a chain is attached or any weight and it is pulled then it will hurt a little but not to the point where it is bad pain 🙂 Just really a reminder of control.

This girl does not have any piercings in her nose, no.  Grimly would LOVE her to. However, it is something still to be negotiated perhaps in the future.This girl’s reservations are pretty much because of her parents who have mentioned before they really don’t like facial piercings, and also perhaps slightly career related as well. The only piercings this girl has at the moment are her ears, however she has had nipple piercings before but they didn’t heal correctly and so they had to be taken out 😦

This girl will certainly perhaps get more piercings some time in the future but not just yet. For the meantime though there are work arounds – clamps and shields and things like that – that are a lot of fun!

Thanks for the question, please feel free to ask more 🙂

6 thoughts on “Screw that

  1. Hello beautiful lady,

    I am finally back. I have been under the weather for a spell, now recovering. I think the nose piece is beautiful piece of jewelery on you. Just dont ever have to sneeze hard! Tis good to see married life is good for the two of you. Thank you for all the great posts.
    Sincerely, John Mora

  2. Hmm, it’s probably hard to pierce the septum, but it has as major advantage that it’s fully invisible. That is, until someone fits a padlock as a nose ring, of course. Just musing ..

  3. well you never know maybe one of these days i’ll get some more piercings…actually had a dream bout that the other night 🙂

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