The blind side

So, here are a few more pictures from  this girl and Grimly’s stay in San Francisco! The Serious Bondage house was a great place to spend a few days because there were so many interesting people there to meet, like Skratchedkitty & the evil one she was with 🙂

Skratched kitty was kind enough to lend this girl her eyes when she was in  her latex straightjacket and  a darlexx hood and unable to see where she was going. Funnily enough kitty did a better job of being  a guide subbie than cutie did,but then the absence of trees and other hazards probably helped that one!

Being hooded or blindfolded generally has many many benefits. For a long time before this girl met Grimly she was slightly afraid of being hooded because she had a few trust issues and worried that not being able to see meant that she wouldn’t see problems or dangers and also that perhaps with a hood she may get in a panic and have trouble breathing. That phobia sounds a little ridiculous now but several years ago it was a very genuine worry.

Now this girl owns many hoods and blindfolds and doesn’t worry about a single one. Not just because she trusts Grimly implicitly but also because it is a massive fetish for her. Taking away sight makes everything else more intensified. It’s not really rocket science that taking away one sense enhances the others especially touch. Somehow it makes being transported to a sort of different place a lot easier too and helps to shut out the real world a little bit quicker.

When this girl is hooded though she sometimes starts thinking too much. About what is happening,about what is going to happen, and has to try to judge things by the sound of drawers rattling or just by touch, which if she can only gauge what’s going to happen by touch then it is already too late to do anything about it! However for the most part a hood or a blindfold makes a session better. There are other times though when its damn frustrating!

LIke for instance, when bound to a beautiful woman! Being wrapped up in latex and hooded, this girl was pretty much unable to do a lot other than picture what was happening in her head and then fill in the gaps from the photographs afterwards lol. Though actually to be honest a lot of sessions can be like that – as though, it’s something not really happening to her and that it’s a bit dream like and unusual, and looking back on it afterwards can be surreal.  Perhaps that’s a sign of a good session? Remembering it – but just remembering parts, and not in the right order, and not always right away, and then sometimes reliving bits of it later on, even six months on 😉

The pictures in this post are of the beautiful Skratchedkitty

2 thoughts on “The blind side

  1. I agree a hood or blindfold makes things better :-).
    When I feel a hood slip on my head or my sight being taken away I immediately feel a tranquillity take over that only a hood or blindfold seems able to bring me. When slipping into my sensory deprivation hood, a hood I have craved for more than 10 years, I can’t help but smile and sigh, content to be in my own little world.
    At the same time I am extremely curious about every little sound I hear or any shift in the air you suddenly seem to feel. In short, I love it and would spend hours on end blindfolded or hooded if I could.
    Great post yet again Thisgirl 🙂


    Third attempt at posting, fingers crossed

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