Following orders

As part of March question & answer month, Handyman asked :-

When Grimly and you play, what order does he apply restraints, earmuffs, blindfold, etc? Is there a typical order? Or, is it just spontaneous? 

Well, the order restraints are applied really depends on what is going to happen. If something like the chair or the medical bed is being used then there generally is only a finite number of ways the order can make sense – for instance it makes sense to insert electrodes first to ensure they’re in correctly and comfortable before strapping the legs down – and things like that.

In some ways perhaps it’s a bit like getting dressed – you wouldn’t put your bra on over your sweater….or well, maybe some people would – but for a lot of things, like the chair, there is a sense that is logical and practical.

For other things there isn’t. It’s usual that Grimly will perhaps restrain this girl’s hands before he does anything else but it is not always the case, it just depends on what equipment he plans to use, and also depends on what pictures he might want to take. Sometimes he changes equipment mid scene too such as one hood for another and so on, so it totally varies depending on the session, sometimes Grimly plans sessions in advance other times he works it out as he goes along so it does difer quite a lot.

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer to see/hear what he’s doing to you? Or, does restricting your senses (sight/hearing) prior to other restraints being added multiply the effect?

Is it greedy to like both? It really depends what mood this girl is in, sometimes she likes to feel safe about’s what happening and to have an idea of what might happen next , other times uncertainty is more exciting.  This girl and Grimly use blindfolds and hoods quite a lot, but not always. Sometimes Grimly wants to see her face so he can judge her expressions and body language especially if it something new, and likewise sometimes she likes the opportunity to try and plead with him and beg and scream. The reason why this girl and Grimly have so much damn stuff is because both of them like a lot of different possibilities and combinations. Otherwise it would be like having the same thing for dinner all the time.

Sometimes seeing what he is doing is good. To see there is nothing to worry about. Other times it is a bad thing getting to see, because it’s a ‘oh no did he have to go towards the clamp drawer’ sort of feeling. But then, if she can’t see then he could be going to get ANYTHING, and imaging all the different possibilities is perhaps slightly more worrying but by that token more erotic ? If this girl is having a day where she feels tense then having a blindfold or hood applied first really does help, since it allows her to half get into that zone and then wait for the rest to happen.

Sorry it’s not a clearer answer, other than a long way of saying – it depends!

Please keep asking questions 🙂

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