Friends in high places

So, this girl still has not posted all of her honeymoon adventures yet, since there was just so much! However, part of  the trip involved a visit to Rubbert’s place on Vancouver Island.

Rubbert has a fantastic house in the woods, beautifully and eclectically decorated by Lady_M. One of the best things about his place though is the potential it has for interesting bondage and especially the type of bondage that involves long term isolation, given he has many straightjackets, sleep sacks and a bondage cell with suspension capabilities amongst other things.

Recently Rubbert and JG Leathers have been collaborating with another guy on Vancouver Island called Henry,and some further blogs about Henry’s creations will follow shortly. He is absolutely fantastic with steel engineering, and helped Rubbert realise his idea for a suspension frame in the trees. It hadn’t been there long when this girl and Grimly visited so of course she wanted to have a go in it!

The frame allows all types of suspension, including rope suspension play and pretty much all the suspension possibilities you’d have on a regular rig, but this girl decided it would be fun to have a go in one of Rubbert’s sleep sacks – a la cocoonesque 😉 Getting her feet off the ground was obviously the most funny part!

It was a little bit scary during the ascent but once this girl was up in the tree tops she felt very safe and secure, and very relaxed. The sleep sack is a very comfortable one and she could have stayed there for hours! It was quite calm and serene hearing just the wind and the leaves and the birds.

This girl enjoyed it so much she asked if she could have a hood as well, and quickly got quite spacey up there. It probably wasn’t for all that long but it felt like quite a while just listening to what was going on in the treetops beside her and trying to hear what was going on down below.

Well, what was going on down below was pretty much her husband turning into a swinger (of sorts)

3 thoughts on “Friends in high places

  1. “suspicion capabilities”, suspicious indeed, I am in suspense (typo land)

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