Quality Time

A question by email for March question and answer month :

“How much time do you spend per day/week/month in bondage?  If there is “long term” bondage what kind is involved?”

This girl gets asked this question quite a lot. Or at least the question of ‘how long were you in that’  it seems many people are more impressed with long term bondage than short term. Why is that?

How often is this girl in bondage? Well, hmm till this point on average a few days a month during visits to Grimly’s place. However, the honeymoon was a little more intensive since she had four weeks off work with him at the homes of JG Leathers, Serious Bondage & Rubbert – so that obviously was quite intense and full on, but on average, this girl and Grimly just play a couple of times a month. That will obviously change when he moves in – though not immediately since quite a lot of renovation work is to be done to allow a playroom to exist here with the quality and ambience Grimly is hoping to create, that’s perhaps a sort of watch this space! Even then, work, family and life commitments will mean that its still really realistically mostly weekends for play, and perhaps the occasional evening quickie!

This girl never ever times play sessions. Since it doesn’t matter at all to how long she is in something. The only things that matter in that sense are ‘was she able to cope with it for as long as he wanted her to’ and also ‘did time fly?’ – if time did fly then it suggests it was a good session – as this girl has had sessions of several hours that have felt like 20 minutes – and actually , vice versa. lol

The average session though i.e. one that includes bondage, electrics , pain, perhaps breath play and lots of orgasms is probably around 2 hours since mostly the type of play this girl and Grimly do is quite cerebrally intensive. However some things are possible for longer, sleep sacks, straightjackets and the like. This girl is quite happy to be left in bondage just for the sake of it, and is quite happy to fall asleep in it, but generally she prefers her play to have physical stimulation as well.

For her, staying in bondage for a marathon amount of time is not an ambition, its more to just ensure that whoever she plays with whether it be Grimly or someone else feels the time has been well spent and fun, and that is tantamount really.

Thanks for the question!

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