Figure hugging

Well some of you perhaps read pup’s blog here. This girl is having to write a whole blog in reply since something on her internet or on blogspot isn’t allowing the comment she tried to leave to save!

Anyway, around 10 days ago this girl and Grimly went down to london to stay with Trinity Pup and her dom, Singleglove. This girl had forgotten what a long drive Glasgow to London is and also how bloody awful the M25 is. The last twenty miles took as long almost as the first hundred and fifty! Ok …perhaps slight exaggeration but it felt like it!

It was an absolutely fantastic weekend, started off by a fantastic dinner in a country pub. Grimly and this girl went to Camden market and he bought a hat which completed an outfit he’s got himself which is sort of old fashioned gentry, similar to what he wore for the halloween party in Whitby. This girl didn’t buy anything in Camden however, a lot of stuff there is overpriced, but there is  great deal of leather and alternative stuff. Grimly tried to drag her into a piercing studio which is a really famous one called Coldsteel- but she ran out ! Whilst this girl wants to get piercings again, maybe, at some point, she’s not wanting any just at the moment. Some people might say that’s not very submissive and that if he wants her to get one then she should, well, maybe it’s not, but then it’s this girls opinion that permanent or semi permanent body modifications should be negotiated and agreed and be consensual whether submissive or not.

On the Saturday night this girl and Grimly took pup and SG along to a club that was organised by the old sweet torments crew, called Transgression which was organised by this group. This girl had only been to a fetish club in London once before (though she’s been to quite a few in other parts of the UK especially Scotland and the North) and so it was good to get to go to one again. The scene in London is probably bigger than anywhere else in the UK , being the capital, and being the centre of attention for everything. As a result there were hundreds of people there, and quite a lot of them were dressed to the nines and very well equipped. Given the club was a special one-off event in that venue a lot of people made extra special effort.

This girl had tried to make an effort as well, and got a new dress made by her friend TLC in pearl sheen red latex.  Unfortunately she hasn’t yet got any pictures actually wearing it yet since there were no photos allowed at the venue and also she’s got a few ideas for the kind of backdrop she’d want for getting pictures in it. But, here is a sneak peak :-

The idea is based loosely on a cheongsam style chinese dress but its been changed a little to work in rubber. It was very tight! In a way that’s one of the benefits of having latex made to measure, but by the same time it means that you can’t but weight on! It felt good though having something that was unique and figure hugging 🙂 There is nothing worse than baggy latex!

The club was very good, lots of fun people, demos, music, lots of play. This girl played with  pup too. It is about five years since this girl has played at a fetish club so it was a bit odd, the last time was probably at Nemesis and that has been closed a good number of years.  Lately when she’s been to clubs with Grimly whilst she might have gone wired up to something and things like that she hasn’t done any play with him that involved ‘impact’ play since it’s not his kink and its not something she’s that bothered about receiving any more not in that surrounding anyway. This girl had forgotten though what it feels like to be on the dishing out end with an audience! It is very bizarre, especially when the place is so busy that people are almost cutting into your strokes, and it feels as though everyone is watching to see if you’re doing right or whether you’re being an idiot, or whether your toys are good or not. The thing is though you just really have to shut all that rubbish out and concentrate on the person you’re playing with, even as a top it can be done and that background stuff can just fade. It’s easier though perhaps to play in public as a bottom especially if you’re blindfolded or hooded as you don’t have to see the audience perhaps. At least, this girl always found it easier to be on the receiving end in public than on the giving one. Though once she was on the receiving end and got up afterwards to find someone who irritated her with a bird’s eye view of EVERYTHING, and it felt pretty odd. This is perhaps why this girl doesn’t play in public all that often!

However it was a really good experience, and incredibly erotic. Well how could it not be, being dressed up in latex and tormenting another rubber clad girl. Perhaps that’s why there was such an audience LOL.  Whilst this girl did some impact play with pup perhaps the more erotic part of it was the tender foreplay that was before it 🙂 That was one of the really good things about the venue in that there were areas for types of play that didn’t include impact and where you could cuddle and stroke and torment with denial and suggestion. Nothing wrong with a bit of figure hugging 😉

People do say a lot of things about clubs, and about play at clubs. Generally this girl has found that clubs are enjoyable if you know people and if you play that it’s with people you’re comfortable with playing with. This girl has played with relative strangers at clubs before (as bottom) and it hasn’t always worked since its sometimes difficult to communicate limits and desires to a stranger. Also, if you go to a club not knowing many people it can be difficult to enjoy it unless you are the sort of exhibitionist that can talk to new people easily -this girl always finds it really hard!  Pretty much the people you are with make a club night more so than the venue or the equipment – though a good venue and nice equipment do certainly help. The equipment was absolutely fantastic quality, and what could be nicer than a nice atmospheric club with a view of the Thames?

The next club this girl will be going to is in Birmingham, not quite the same river view, but again the venue is a good one for the equipment it has which lend to a number of possibilities and an opportunity to make friends old and new.

7 thoughts on “Figure hugging

  1. Nice dress 🙂 I completely agree with you about the people your with “making” a club…. if your relatively shy (like me 🙂 then it can be a bit intimidating to say the least lol

  2. Your outfit looked fantastic 🙂

    I’m also disappointed by the lack of photos, since my dress self destructed in the washing machine 😦

    I found the atmosphere of the crowd really positive – when Maud took me out of the hood, she’d gathered a crowd too. I think the combination of social space and play space resulted in more people being interested in watching the pretty pretty people 🙂

  3. thanks lis0r 🙂 some people were taking pictures in the bar area when we left, and i think it was maybe allowed there but we didn’t have a camera anyway, we were reminded of that when we were driving past the river and big ben was in the distance and i said ‘oh lets go and get a quick photo’ and the response was ‘with what’ no one had a camera or smartphone between them since they’d all been left at home. Though…it is sometimes good to not be bound by technology…othertimes it is 😉

    I really liked that objectification area it was nice for just quiet spacey play, the impact area was just a bit too busy with people walking around and equipment being quite close together.

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