An iron hand in a velvet glove

Happy 29th February! Today being a leap year, is the one day when a woman can propose to a man  (if you believe in that tradition)

This girl proposed (unofficially) SEVERAL times to Grimly before he finally proposed to her. It wouldn’t have mattered to him whether it was the 29th February or any other day, his view is that its the man that does the deciding and the proposing and that’s it. Well, to be honest this girl has no complaints since the way he *finally* proposed was very romantic and special being on the back deck at JG Leathers’ place in Canada.

This girl was reading that history has it that a man who refused a womans proposal had to buy her twelve pairs of gloves – to hide the absence of an engagement ring. This girl was wondering if asking Grimly to marry her when he can only say no (being married already) would mean that he still had to buy the gloves…but no….she has the ring on it…so no chance of that. Shame! lol

She was looking for a sort of glove title for a post and came across the expression ‘an iron hand in a velvet glove’. To be honest its not an expression she’s heard before, but in a way its a similar idea to the carrot being followed by the stick, and possibly a good expression also for D/s.

Grimly for the most part is quite a laid back dom, day to day the sadistic side of him doesn’t come out that much. He’s a loving husband, kind,gentle, funny, generous – all the things a husband should be. Also, if she’s behaved the play sessions are generally the kind of things she likes and that lead to more pleasure perhaps than pain, unless he feels of course its pain she’s desiring – which quite often is the case for a masochist. However, sometimes things go a little darker. The firm voice, that look, a strong grasp, a firm hand, sadistic games. Well, there are times when those reminders are good, and this girl has to be honest in saying that she wants both the iron hand and the velvet glove.

She is happy to have a man who will kiss her neck and tell her how much he adores her,and who then tortures her without mercy, and sometimes yes she wants to almost be a little afraid of him. Not afraid to the point of worrying that things will get out  of hand, but just afraid as to how close to her limitations things might go. It can be exhilarating to be right on the edge like that.  Well it certainly makes for an interesting marriage, and there is no  need to be off asking someone else, 12 pairs of gloves into the bargain or no.

This girl has perhaps a similar approach when she is dom too, gentle and loving, perhaps to the point of being a service top, given the recipient what they desire, but push her, and well, there’s an evil bitch in there. A friend said they other day that they found her intimidating, but caring. That’s a good compliment. As a dom, this girl wants to make a sub feel as though they want to obey, that there are consequences for not doing so, but that it will be tender and passionate and the right amount of stimulation going on as a reward for compliance. Well funnily enough, it’s like Grimly feels the same.

Perhaps she should comply with his wishes more. heheh. Though that iron hand of his, it’s pretty hot!

6 thoughts on “An iron hand in a velvet glove

  1. I like your description of a service top. In all my years involved with this, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard it, but it is an apt description for much of the play that I do. A top like Grimly can be at times, at his /her best, when the planning and creating, is more important then their own personal “getting off.” The mental challenge of being clever enough to Dom an intelligent sub, and be unpredictable, in control, tweaking and “listening” to their needs, makes it not about the Dom. it can be far easier to just have a sub be a ” fuck and suck”. While pleasurable, it can become mundane and uninspired.

    It is one of the things that draws some of us here; to have a mental aspect conjoined with the physical aspect. Vanilla doesn’t always do it for us, there are times we prefer chubby hubby (and for some I’m sure hubby hubby does it for them) [ Those are references to ice cream flavors. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream there, but those are two flavors with lots of different things mixed in, the latter being a flavor they invented to go along with Vermont allowing gay marriage]

    It is easy to just “taser” a sub and overwhelm them into submission. But to hold them with ripples of electrical tingling on the edge of an orgasm for hours is an art form. You have to be more of a service top on those occasions as your total effort is on the parry thrust of the situation. And it is also wonderful to hear of the dark moments where he is in a zone for you, where you know he is finding pleasure in your suffering, to a point where you fear, yet still fully trust him to not damage the priceless gift he has been given.

  2. Dont think you really need the gloves to be honest. Well maybe the long ones for when in top mode, but otherwise…
    I really think the chemistry, and the balance between you two is great, and to discovering what both of your talents are like sometime in the future

  3. (Gets out pom poms) GO GIRL GO….. GO GIRL GO…!!!!!! ( Now THATS encouragement lol)

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