This girl had a lovely surprise parcel on Friday from her friend Henry in Canada, of some pictures and some bondage hardware, now whilst she doesn’t know the purpose for everything in her box of tricks – Grimly absolutely will!

It was such a nice thing for someone to do though, to send a random parcel without it being a birthday or christmas present, and brought about a really good introduction to the weekend of a pretty crappy work week. This girl is pretty much a big kid with parcels, ripping open the box in rushed excitement like a child. When she was little she did have the habit of playing with the box more than the contents – but not anymore! Her mum used to turn the boxes into trains and planes for her, all painted and that kept her amused for hours. Now….quite a bit more than a box is required to keep her entertained (well…there is one box that manages the job…more on that in a post coming up soon)

Now pretty much her main source of entertainment is her sadistic husband, but sometimes it’s good to have friends as well as be one of those people who doesn’t bother with their friends once they’re settled with a partner. This girl has had quite a good bit of fun this weekend between going to a local munch yesterday where she met up with some friends old and new and then today she went for tapas with a friend from work. At both events, there was a tiny bit of alcohol consumption. This girl would like to say she doesn’t drink any more, but she doesn’t drink any less either πŸ˜‰

But whilst having a drink Β is nice socially, this girl does not mix play with alcohol. It spoils the experience. A few drinks are nice during a social occasion but not for during play. The picture in this post was taken during a party at the Serious Bondage house, but was the only glass this girl had,and well, given the bondage provided by Martin of Rigid Cuffs with the assistance of Captive Kink, it took her a little while to drink it!

Some people like to have a drink (or drugs) before play to relax the nerves, for recreation, goodness knows for what other reasons, but this girl has never really fully understood that requirement in people. If you need to consume those things to enjoy playing with someone, is that the right person to be playing with??? Surely to enjoy playing with the person you should already feel relaxed and confident in their company πŸ™‚

It may be a bit of an obvious fact to state but it can be dangerous.

This girl’s main reason for personally staying sober during play is that as a masochist she wants to feel EVERYTHING. She doesn’t want the experience to be dulled, she wants to feel floaty because she’s been put into subspace not because she’s pissed and about to fall over! She wants to experience the feelings the torment and pleasure he inflicts gives her without taking the edge of it. When she is in a top situation she also wants to ensure the sub is fully aware that she is in charge of the situation and getting her full undivided attention. It’s not rocket science.

So, whilst this girl likes a drink socially at a party or at a munch or in a restaurant, it doesn’t mix with her BDSM, apart from the odd posed photograph πŸ™‚ Β It is nice to have a drink and say cheers! amongst a group of friends at a get together, but sharing kink is another thing entirely and one that should be enjoyed without any sort of intoxication other than the intoxication and headiness that an intense session can bring about by deviant imagination, cunning design and passionate implementation πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. Not only is it dangerous, but it further blurs the fine line of legality we all ready walk. An high school buddy of mine is a deputy sheriff and he’s admitted that when they have emergency calls where someone’s been injured during something BDSM-related, it’s more of a source of giggles and just awkwardness. If there’s alcohol or drugs involved, however, arrests will be made.

    You’re dead on, thisgirl, that you have question your company if you have to drink or get high first. I enjoy a drink now and again, but it seems too many people have to get well-done to have a good time. I just don’t get the point. I spent most of my 20s drunk off my ass. I missed some awesome things. I’d like to not repeat the mistake in the next decade.

  2. Now that my browser has decided to load the picture with this post, I’ll add that the dress you’re wearing in the pic is lovely. I’d say blue is definitely your color.

  3. I personally agree with your sentiments about drugs/alcohol but I work in a bar where people meet and drink here before they session. Some say the alcohol (beer/wine) loosens their inhibitions. Still, I wonder if their experience would be different if they were completely sober!
    It’s nice to get a surprise package of new toys, too!

  4. Sue …i’ve seen people at clubs stoned and it worries me that these people are allowed to hit each other !

    Spooky, the only people i have to be drunk around to enjoy their company is pretty much work colleagues – and then i worry about saying something stupid lol. Thanks for the comment about the picture i’m quite into oriental dresses, hoping to get a latex one soon πŸ™‚

    dave94015, who knows? i do definitely prefer though enjoying bdsm for its own sake without mixing it with other complications πŸ™‚

    stevie, hope to see you soon πŸ™‚

  5. I love the rigid cuffs and you do look particularly hot modelling them. πŸ™‚

  6. i do like them πŸ™‚ i’ve tried the plastic version as well that someone in hong kong as a copy, but the real metal version is much better! Just a damn shame they’re so expensive. We don’t own these they were just on loan for half an hour lol

  7. And ive never really seen the point of the whole recreational drugs thang, especially when using could place someone else at risk (as well as themselves of course)

  8. That’s an often-overlooked consideration when negotiating a dom/sub scene: having a rule in play that clearly states that bondage, however severe, will not impede one’s ability to enjoy a really good pinot gris, should one happen to appear.

  9. i don’t think i could put myself at another’s total mercy if they were drinking or high. It just wouldn’t work for me.

    Very nice entry; and i love the blue outfit you are wearing!

  10. Well said! i know alcohol and play definitely do not mix! There are so many situations that could go drastically wrong, especially when you’re putting all your trust into your partners hands.

    Loving that blue dress πŸ˜‰

    t. xx

  11. I have battled with addictions all my life. We attend play parties where alcohol is not allowed. It is very comforting because I do not have to worry about others drinking and having the urge. At first it was hard for me to be at such place- when you mask reality with drugs and alcohol for your entire life it is very hard to face sobriety, especially when feeling akward in a large group of people. Though I must report that I have come far; learning how to be fun and social without alcohol- which has been hard but ultimately feels amazing!

  12. Ollie….i have to quite agree lol

    MZ’s girl – thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

    t-p, absolutely, so will need to stay off the wine at the weekend… lol

    viemora, kudos for you to overcoming it, its a tough hurdle i know to give up any addiction. I suppose i’m lucky in my only addiction is kink, oh, and perhaps chocolate!

  13. Great article! Stunning dress and photo……splendidly stunning! I love your addictions; mine is a great cigar or pipe, sitting outside on the patio at night watching the sunset. Only occasionally in the summer though….we’re having a terribly abnormal winter; Monday’s forecast for me in Ohio: -19 degrees fahrenheit (before wind chill). Uh, yeah……the cigar, pipe, and patio can wait till summer….LOL!!!!

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