Happy Feet

Well, this girl’s friend TLC Designs has asked to pass on details to you of his special offer on latex stockings! The only reason why this little advert is being passed on is because he is a very good friend 🙂

For £15 (plus postage) you can have a pair of made to measure stockings in any of the following colours :-

Pearlsheen Red, Pearlsheen Purple, Pearlsheen Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pearlsheen Bronze, Pearlsheen Gold, Pearlsheen Green, Violet (purple), Sky Blue, Transparent Mauve or Blue and lastly pearlsheen pewter.

Required measurements :-

foot length (place your foot on a tape measure..heel to tip of toe)

calf width and top of thigh width

Please do take him up on this offer, his latex is fantastic quality and very lovingly made (this girl’s catsuits and latex straight jackets were made by him) It is a very reasonable cost for stockings made exact to size!

Further details – contact TLC on his fetlife 🙂

Leave me a comment . . .

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