All hands on deck

Happy Valentines Day!

Well so today is that time of year where people send cards, buy heart-shaped chocolates, send flowers and generally be a bit more romantic than normal. Yes ok sometimes to the point of being a bit cheesy and sickening about it (said whilst perhaps opening Valentines’ card ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

This girl and Grimly have not been particularly romantic over Valentines’ day, having just sent a card to each other, after the wedding there is not really any need for any big grandiose romantic gesture. The thing is too, romance is important all year round and not just on a day that it is scheduled. So, tomorrow, will be a normal Tuesday at work and nothing more.

Many days are not normal!

As part of their honeymoon in September this girl and Grimly had spent some time in San Francisco with Serious Bondageย and after checking out one of the viewpoints of the city, some fun was had on the back deck, involving a bit of plumbing, latex, JG Leathers and a hose pipe – and bondage of course.

The Serious Bondage deck has appeared in many kinky photos, on their website and then in people’sย own pictures of parties and events there. Whilst this girl and Grimly were there many people were strapped into a bondage chair which was out on the deck whilst everyone else chatted and drank and enjoyed the party. There is a hole under the deck as well to keep naughty subbies at bay of which there were quite a few! Whilst a lot of people at parties sort of gather around the kitchen, given the nights in San Francisco were quite warm everyone enjoyed being outside and a bit of bondage al fresco.

The pictures show this girl in red latex and the butterfly straight jacket being strapped into a face mask Grimly had made her and posture collar and being tied to a hydrant sort of thing. The picture should be kind of obvious as to what happened next!

Well so it seemed that not only this girl’s husband enjoys soaking her with water! Given it was a hot day it felt much nicer than being drenched does in Scotland, but even then it was very cold!

This girl had made the mistake of waking Grimly up with cold water on Sunday morning (sort of tradition sometimes on their anniversary) and he did not react well. Luckily all he had was the shower to chuck her into and not the hose pipe to attack her with, but even then he was quite enterprising with ensuring she didn’t escape in the early hours of the morning!

Whilst this girl loves her husband she also loves fun and adventure and mischievousness. It is why she is with Grimly to begin with. ย So normally Valentines’ day is about sending sentiments to a partner, but this girl has also got a great deal of love for the people in her life who have crossed her path either just once or frequently to share in such adventures of bondage, dressing up, pain, pleasure, and of course friendship.So if you are one of those then consider this your valentine minus the chocolate (sorry) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Buying a box of chocolates or sending a bunch of flowers is very easy, but giving up your time and skills to share fun and adventures with someone else means so much more and is priceless to this girl. So long may such fun continue for all those who wish to explore kink amongst their friends and partners.

8 thoughts on “All hands on deck

  1. Fantastic photos! That looked a lot of fun!

    I still want a chocolate though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Valentines Hun.

    t-p. xx

  2. stevie, i think i have given up trying to define normal!

    t-p – you still haven’t arrived to collect your chocolate ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Sue, hmm no it wasn’t….but i got revenge on them for spoiling my makeup hehehe the boys in the serious bondage house can testify to that….and poor Grimly got a little wet!

  3. This looks so fun- I guess I am on the wrong side of the US lol! ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw – LOVE the new header!

  4. Hello !

    Wonderfull Pictures !
    A beatifull helpless Lady at the Side of JG-Leathers !

    Much Greetings from Cologne

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