My first, my last……

So whilst pretty much everyone celebrates being romantic on February 14th, Grimly and this girl celebrate being deviant on February 12th, which will be 7 years since this girl’s first visit to Grimly’s house.

Up until that point this girl had never really thought about going to someone’s house with a view to being tied up and tortured and pretty at their mercy! However, she had met him in public at a munch and felt confident it was a good idea after also checking up with a few people that knew him.

Though to be honest, her curiosity and her need for exploration drove her there more than her little Ka did. Looking back seven years later its odd to think she’s married to the man that she just saw as a means to fix her kinky dreams.

This girl had never expected Grimly to be relationship material. He was with someone else, so was she. It was just supposed to play, nothing more. The problem is , when you find someone who is in part the mirror image to yourself its very difficult not to fall for that person.

For a few months this girl and Grimly had a purely play relationship, and she is happy that existed. That she truly did fall in love with him before the sex bit happened, since she’d never had sex with someone she loved before, lust yes, love to be honest, probably not.

It’s a bit odd to think he went from being her play partner to being her Master, her friend, her lover and ultimately her husband. It’s as though the relationship started for pretty much sexual and deviant reasons, but that is absolutely not the reason it lasted. Sometimes people are just meant to be together. Even when one of them is a brat, and the other of them is an evil bastard. Sometimes that is just meant to be 😉

Well one of them is still a brat, and the other is still an evil bastard. However other things have changed. Quite a lot actually.

So seven years ago this girl made a trip 200 hundred miles up north not knowing what to expect, she arrived to find bondage, fuck machines, electrics and all manner of pervertery and a man that she would come to fall for. That first trip was special. It was kinky. It was fun. It was the start.

This weekend was perhaps the last time this girl will make such a journey. Since very soon Grimly will be handing in the keys for that house and moving in with her. Here. All the time.

Possibly there is not much else to say on that point other than…


Making that regular journey for bondage and torture and sex has been fun, and sort of it being 200 miles away has compartmentalised that aspect of life. It’s kept it separate from the daily grind like a kind of Narnia parallel universe kind of thing. For many reasons this girl is sad that has come to an end.

Having it here where it is will end up being in the  background a lot more is sort of scary but very exciting. This girl will miss what she had at Grimly’s,having decorated the playroom with him and having turned it into a shared fantasy world…however…another blank drawing board awaits…

Watch this space 😉

6 thoughts on “My first, my last……

  1. I hope you find you can fill the odd free hour with play now. 12th Feb is special to me too, last time I was inside a lady, just before I was born almost 60 years ago. P.S. Gravatar is so small I doubt anyone would recognise me even if I had not blurred my face. Hope you think it OK.

  2. Sue, don’t mention itching Grimly will be off to Tam Shepherds for itching powder (sorry for none scots – joke shop) Congrats on your anniversary too 🙂

    Stevie, we had a nice morning together but then I had to get the bus home 😦 but on the whole a good weekend and plenty of pictures to follow!

    barbie, i think we’ll always have time to play! I like your gravatar its funky!

  3. I *get* it- I miss the excitement of the beginning of our relationship (when my M and i would travel back and forth to each other and spend nights apart here and there). I just try to remember those days and never take Him being with me daily for granted. I wish you both well ith your life changes. 🙂

  4. Thanks viemoira, we are getting there, i’m hoping i don’t take Grimly for granted either , worried a bit that I already do!

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