Points of view

So far 2012 has been uninteresting kink wise 😦  This girl spent Christmas with family and the New Year with very good friends and had three weeks with Grimly – whose birthday it is today!  She had a fantastic festive period just not a kinky one. 

This girl and Grimly haven’t yet had chance to play this year but he has been doing  a lot of work preparing the workshop he will have here so watch this space – he has so much more room to make equipment here than he does currently in his little shed!*  It will be good when he has the ability to make equipment here where this girl can take photographs of the process and hopefully share some handy tips with you.

Anyway, despite nothing much happening so far this year this girl still has plenty to share with you from last year and the honeymoon. So much happened and there have been so much non kink related distractions since this girl has a little backlog of writing to do! She has already mentioned she and Grimly visited San Francisco with JG Leathers and attended the Folsom Street fair (pictures a few posts back) but in addition to that she also had a guerrilla photo shoot with JG and Serious Bondage / Serious Images. Some of the pictures are below,and are part of a full set posted up a few weeks ago on the Serious Images website (a paysite but worth a subscription as there are plenty of hot pictures on there to see)

These pictures were taken at ‘twin peaks’ in San Francisco in front of several nosy sightseers. Well um they definitely saw the sights!

This girl felt really self conscious because although both herself and JG Leathers were fully dressed it was pretty obvious it was a bit unusual wear for such a hot day! Some of the tourists did ask  what JG and this girl were dressed up for and were given the excuse that it  some background shooting work for a movie and for a magazine. Given Mark from Serious Bondage had the sound boom and the video camera that explanation seemed to stick! Anyway,the tourists seemed interested enough to take pictures  and it seemed the unusual addition to the viewpoint attracted several of the passengers on the tour buses!

In any event this girl was still pretty self-conscious at the whole thing. However not so much as if it had been in the UK. It seems San Francisco has a much more laid back attitude to kink and alternative sexualities especially when it is around Folsom Street Weekend which is so heavily advertised that all the locals know exactly what it is and that there may be people around who look ‘unusual’  However pretty much what happened at the viewpoint was what JG calls S&M stand and model lol. It’s a different matter subjecting to locals to heavy play, nudity or sex – lines this girl would never cross. Dressing up in what can be explained as fashion and/or fantasy was enough. It seems to be getting the case now that movies and so on include latex outfits, but goodness knows what the tourists thought to ‘the creature’ harness and JG’s hoof boots!

It’s perhaps slightly hard to explain but this girl is most definitely a shy exhibitionist. She got a kick of being there with JG and dressed in latex with such a remarkable view in the background,but the curious onlookers did freak her out a little. None of them seemed bothered or upset and perhaps that is why she felt a little bit freaked out!

This girl is the type of person who worries about what people think. Often too much to the point where she over analysing things like thinking ‘well if i write about being in latex in public in front of tourists will people judge that negatively’. Well the thing is, it was fun, no one appeared to be outraged (or not that they said) and everything considered the pictures turned out pretty hot (well in this girl’s opinion lol)

But this girl does worry about what people’s view of her is. The thing is though of course there is not a thing she can do about that. She is what she is and people will think what they think and will either accept that or they won’t and this is true whether it be for what she does in a fetish sense or at work or whatever.

Anyhow, this is where you come in, your points of view are important to this girl. When she began the blog she never expected anyone to read it apart from Grimly. He will always be the person she primarily writes it for but having others read gives a nice feeling of recognition and has also led to this girl meeting people and making new friends in some cases very good friends like a few certain ladies 😉

For the next few months this girl may well be limited with writing time (and possibly limited on opportunities for research 😉 ) given so much is happening with Grimly’s move and work stuff so here is your chance to say what you would like to see this year or read about? Would you like more fiction for instance? Or do you have any questions on anything you’ve seen here or that you would like this girl’s opinion on?

Ideas and feedback and other opinions are welcome at any time, but now given it’s a new year is a chance to share your ideas 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for now , all that remains to be said for the moment is Happy Birthday Grimly!

* A good friend said on one of the wedding cards that ‘the secret of a happy marriage is that it remains a secret’. However Grimly has said that the secret to a happy marriage is for the husband to have a shed.

However, he did not quantify this statement with any explanation as to whether he meant a shed should be a refuge for a man to escape to with a cup of coffee and a paper,whether he meant a shed should be a place for a man to sleep in when he annoys his wife by being naughty or whether he meant where  a man should spend time creating restraints and tortures to keep his wife under control.

Oh well that will perhaps still need to remain a secret 😉

16 thoughts on “Points of view

  1. I’ll start if off by saying whenever, whatever you can write kink or otherwise is always interesting. I love the idea of how to’s and going from your birthday suit, to being Grimly’s birthday present kind of image sequences so that we see the intricate layers, and the decaying into subspace Mrs. Girl

  2. I suspect he wants the shed for the latter thing, and I doubt you will mind that too much either lol!

    Some lovely pics, and yes, SF is a place all to itself in attitude, I must say.

    Oh, and happy birthday Grimly

  3. The secret to a happy marriage is that the husband spends most of the time in the shed lol! xx

  4. This is such a great post! Kink or no kink, what you write is always fun and interesting, and I hope you find time to keep it up as much as you can. Maybe I’m getting jaded, but I really did not think you looked all THAT different from what one might see in public, and you were not all that exposed. I will admit the harness picture was a bit different than what one normally sees around, but still… none of it was offensive. It was interesting! And, you looked like you were having fun. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, and I hope Grimly finds MUCH joy in his shed. He is right… the secret to happiness CAN be a shed. heehee!

  5. Lovely to hear from you..and happy birthday Grimly !! 🙂

    Never knock a mans shed…….otherwise you’ll be hanging from the rafters of it !! LOL

    Glad you two are having a splendid time..nice to see the ‘youngsters’ playing fetishley….me and my better half are slowly receding from the www ( you are only as good as your last posted photos ) and hopefully gone by summer, so nice to see proper decent pervs coming up through the ranks!

    xx KC

    keep up the blog, as and when is good enough for us all

  6. Tim…you do not want to see my birthday suit…trust me LOL thanks for your comment though and happy new year 🙂

    stevie, no i don’t mind too much

    Sue, well he is thinking about getting a hammock in there LOL

    Luci, thanks for your comment, I think people were genuinely curious i like latex sight seeing its fun, i have pictures of me in latex at the eiffel tower too though not that clear as it was dark and raining 😦 going back there later in the year though hehehe

    KC, oh shut up you still have plenty of kink appeal

  7. Let me start by wishing Grimly a happy birthday.

    I found your blog a couple of years back but , to be honest got sidetracked with life and had it in my favorites but never seemed to visit it.
    What I enjoyed when I met you both was, how “down to earth” and “friendly” you both were and how I enjoyed the few conversations we had. After our meeting I revisited your blog and found that I got the same feeling and got hooked again

    So my suggestion is , just remain yourself as you obviously always have while writing here, I honestly believe that is the secret to the blog’s succes and why people enjoy reading your posts, be it kinky or non-kinky ones.

    Like a said in a previous comment , and this goes for you both, good luck with settling in together and have a great year.



  8. Hello and also i hope Grimly had a wonderful b-day.

    As far as what you were asking from us for what we would like to see. In my opinion, don’t change what you are now doing. I really believe that the success of your blog w/ its readers is yourstyle. Sure, you may have times that you are not able to post as regular as you may think you should. But you know what, life is what it is. Be yourself. don’t change what you are doing. I really do enjoy you sharing your life. Share what you wish to. I’m one that reads it all. Whether its ‘kink’ or just life stuff. Its all part of what you are about. In other words, don’t stop being you….it is what makes your place here unique. Hope this makes sense.


  9. I think a shed can be all of the above :-). Happy New Year honey, and happy birthday Grimly.

  10. thanks for your comment daedae i’m really pleased we got to meet, i’m sorry for tormenting you with those socks. I do not fancy risking being tied up with you not LOL.

    elliott, thanks for your comment really kind words 🙂

    kenny, happy belated new year to you too! x

  11. TG, somewhere I suspect you are not all that sorry but rather are quietly chuckling at it, I know I am when I see those pictures lol.

    No worries though, soon I’ll let you in on a hilarious event making it clear to me you have nothing to fear.

  12. oh after reading your email i am going to be chuckling for about an hour at least LOL thank you for making me choke on my breakfast!

  13. you look lovely in those butterfly arms. in sheer fantasyland as a man it would be something if those replaced a boring wedding ring as an everyday indicator of a lady being married!

  14. Lovely pictures! I was reminded of a comment by one of the Little Britain actors, as he filmed a scene where he walks naked through the middle of the airport – the minute you get out a big camera and some sound kit, you can get away with anything. Walk through the airport naked, you’d be arrested in a second – walk through the airport naked with a camera crew, everyone just wonders what you’re filming…

  15. thanks m though i don’t know whether thats a good idea..what about all the cooking and cleaning a wife is supposed to do LOL

  16. JS07, i think there’s a lot of truth in that i once saw a guy in a shopping centre leashed by a pretty woman i think it was for a perfume advert either way it was quite hot!

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