Frustration to a T

Ok, so this girl is a *little* bit behind with her blog! It just seems lately life is really busy and she does not have as much time to be behind the computer as she once had. Unsure if that’s good or bad? Anyway, this girl had not got around to posting these pictures of one of the shoots Captive Kink did with her and Trinity Pup. It seemed a good time to post these given this girl saw Pup again last week lol.

The pictures show this girl in a leather hobble skirt and evil killer heels whilst pup is wearing a darlexx hobble dress. This girl plans on investing in some darlexx sometime soon as it is a very fun and versatile fabric and a lot of the designs available are rather nice πŸ™‚ Β Both this girl and pup were in yokes and therefore touch and movement was very limited! Gee thanks Rich (!)

Maybe some people think BDSM and bondage should always be about the pain. That is really not the case. Whilst this girl is very much a ‘sensation seeker’ it is not the only thrill out there. Sometimes frustration and anticipation can do as much to a masochist Β (or a sadist for that matter) as the actual feel of (or inflicting of) the pain itself. If the build up is just right. An easy example to illustrate this is the chastity belt.

The chastity belt is obviously designed to prevent stimulation and penetration and fulfills that objective completely. However, being in chastity, lying next to Grimly just makes this girl hornier, and the longer he resists unlocking it the hornier she gets usually right through the night and until the next morning, and then, when he finally does do something about her frustration it is a pretty mind-blowing effect given that emotional and physical build up towards it. Perhaps a bit like a roller-coaster ride of emotions and senses.

Anyway, just being in bondage can have pretty much the same effect by doing enough to the imagination and senses to keep both the brain and the body wondering about all the possibilities of what might happen next. Many types of bondage devices such as the yokes pictured also do just enough to slowly cause torment as the limbs begin to tire from the restriction.

This girl doesn’t get that many opportunities to suffer this type of frustration at the same time as someone else. Especially someone else who adds to the torment by looking sexy and tempting, and yet just out of reach.

8 thoughts on “Frustration to a T

  1. Now THAT is a skirts that shows off your rear extremely well πŸ™‚

  2. many thanks for some more lovely pictures would love to be there but of course I would have to be secured so that I could not touch you or interfere in any way. Going back to you and Grimly if you are always in rubber or in bondage HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU take it from me I know from past experience

  3. Guys, you have tons of awesome bdsm tools and fetish things. QQ: where do you buy it? ebay? stores online?

  4. A combination of places, much of what we have (especially leather and metal) Grimly has made. The kit in this particular picture belongs to captive kink however. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

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