Hot to trot

At the weekend this girl and Grimly went along with friends Geetwo and Maxi (in picture on left) & Trinity Pup (on the right) & SG to an indoor-outdoor-play event near Birmingham. The event was  held in a big warehouse attached to Club Exodus. The building had perhaps once been some sort of industrial unit and was very spacious so it allowed the possibility for all sorts of play that would be normally outside. The building also has a great many rooms in it for different fetishes (that are opened up during club nights) including suspension, jail cell and medical. It is a great venue with something for everyone.

The pony aspect of the event was in a lot of ways similar to the event this girl and Grimly had been to a couple of years ago in Lancashire and attracted quite a few people who had been present at that – so it was good to catch up with them again. When this girl first discovered pony play she had found some of the groups and events to be quite exclusive and hard to find out about, but that does not seem to be the case anymore. Perhaps it is becoming more popular as a fetish, or perhaps the venues available are just better, but the UK pony scene seems to now be much improved with great potential , so hopefully that will continue. Certainly if you are in the UK there are now plenty of links and information about events in the midlands, Wales and also in Kent on Informed Consent.

This girl doesn’t have any pictures of the actual pony play to show as such, since cameras were only allowed in one specific room but the pictures will give you an idea and a tease 🙂

This girl wore the riding mistress outfit partly because she’s done pony play (as a pony) quite a bit  recently but mainly because Trinity Pup was there. Pup hadn’t done ponyplay before so it was fun putting her into a harness and all the equipment for the first time 🙂 It is true what they say about how sometimes a certain outfit can totally change your character and role! However, after seeing some of the other outfits there this girl would really like a Victorian riding mistress outfit, perhaps along the lines of Lilian Hunt’s folsom outfit. Perhaps she would feel more dominant then and less like a schoolgirl at a saturday morning riding lesson lol.  Anyway, she did her best. This girl had some very good lessons on pony play whilst on holiday (pictures to follow in another post soon) with the beautiful LadyM but it was difficult to remember everything when having to explain it to someone else! Oh well….will just need to go back to Canada for a refresher 😉

Trinity was a very well-behaved pony though despite being slightly headstrong and mischevious…sound like anyone else? Though she looked absolutely beautiful as a pony girl.

Unfortunately, this girl attracted the attentions of a pony boy who was intent on getting her to sit in his cart for the races. He was so fast running round the warehouse this girl was afraid for her life! She could see herself getting smacked into the wall! However it was actually quite a lot of fun, though for his mad running he only came second missing out by a fragment of a second.

Funnily enough Trinity seemed to have something else on her mind and wasn’t into the racing….can’t think what that would be 😉 All in all it was a fantastic event and something this girl would go to again. A second warehouse was set up for single tails and whips, perhaps this girl should have volunteered her pony as a whipping girl..perhaps next time!

Well anyhow the pictures and your imagination can fill in the rest 🙂

12 thoughts on “Hot to trot

  1. Jodhpurs and Boots…!!!!!! Jodhpurs and Boots…!!!!!! Jodhpurs and Boots…!!!!!! Jodhpurs and Boots…!!!!!! Jodhpurs and Boots…!!!!!! (Phew). 🙂

  2. Ooh following trinity-pup’s name to her own blog, yay another one to lurk 😉 Looking good in the pics as well trinity-pup.
    And not forgetting the third lady, hell all three of you are looking superb

  3. smirks…i can’t wait to do pony play…love watching your journey with it *wink*

  4. That’s it Kenny….get it out of your system…lol

    Thanks Stevie

    Daedae, i don’t know , probably a boy that’s bent over would be a little scared 😉

    Aww thanks pup *hugs*

    kinky lil petgirl, you would be fantastic at it I am sure 🙂

    Thanks Viemora, and for your first comment 🙂 xx

  5. You look simply stunning in your English riding outfit – it is all completely authentic and you should feel as dominant as hell in it! You certainly don’t resemble somebody going for a riding lesson! Proper riding boots, jacket, jods, gloves and the sweet little spurs. Even your riding crop is a gorgeous implement, a proper one rather than the cheap rubbish you can buy and to this pony, thats awesome 😉

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